Friday, January 22, 2010

TVD Presents a Sockets Records Showcase Week!

It's Day #5 and the last day of our Sockets Records' TVD Takeover and we've got The Cornel West Theory and Tool in the same post. You don't see that everyday.

It's not the best, but to me it is one of the most adventurous. An album cover should be like a body and the audio is the soul. Because the digital revolution is thrusting its way in and an album cover has to take a new approach.

Of course this will be more expensive but it's not about having a plan...which is the case with a picture. It should be a tangible experience representing an artistic statement - i.e. like a children's book with mirrors and movable slides, etc. Or these new books on writers and musicians that have letters/postcards in them.

The Cornel West Theory - Durito's Revenge (Dirty Bombs) (Mp3)

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