Tuesday, July 1, 2008

TVD's Daily Wax | Humble Pie "On to Victory"

I know, I know--if you purists are playing along at home you're asking yourselves "WTF TVD? If you're going to highlight a Humble Pie LP, why this much later effort?" Because you just can't go wrong with any Pie LP and man, I dig this cover for some reason. But if you're really up in arms and legs, stick around for the weekend. (Whoops - cat, you get back in this bag...)

Humble Pie - Fool For A Pretty Face (Mp3)
Humble Pie - My Lover's Prayer (Mp3)
Humble Pie - Savin' It (Mp3)
Humble Pie - Take It From Here (Mp3)
Humble Pie - You Soppy Pratt (Mp3)

(...soppy pratt?)