Monday, December 22, 2008

TVD Presents | YOUR Top Ten of the Year

Not only is it the Holiday Season, but it's List Season. Everyone's compiling and posting 'em--the Ten Best This, the Ten Best That. But here at TVD we're thinking that you guys, the folks who stop by each day, are far better judges of what went down this year and what was truly memorable in 2008 rather than the folks whose business it is to sell you on how hip their respective lists are.

So, in the comments, let us have 'em. Give us one or ten or any number of things you thought made '08 special--new releases, reissues, live shows, DVDs, movies...whatever it is that 2008 just might be remembered for.

We're keeping this post perched on top of TVD til '09, so there's plenty of time to chime in--AND we've got some cool vinyl from the TVD archives for the most clever commenter along the way as a way of saying thanks for a more than memorable 2008 from our side of the screen. (And stay tuned, there's already amazing stuff in the works for 2009...)

Record Store Day 2009 Newswire: Matador Wants You to Redesign Belle and Sebastian's 'BBC Sessions' Cover

Even though Record Store Day 2009 is close to four months away, we're more than pleased to take note of some of the early attendees to the dance. And last night came word of a pretty cool spin on what we here call the 12" x 12" canvas: Matador thinks that one savvy graphic designer has what it takes to redesign the cover to Belle and Sebastian's new 'BBC Sessions'--and they're sponsoring the contest to make that happen in celebration of Record Store Day, 2009.

From the Matador Matablog: " You’ve worked hard at it… Aping that monochromatic vibe for mixtapes…. Copped the twee girl clutching some Kafka on flyers for your weekly DJ night…. you work hard. You’re never lazy about it.

And now is not the time to let the laziness set in.

We are giving you the once in a lifetime chance to design the front cover image for a limited edition of The BBC Sessions that will be sold in stores nationwide. That’s right, an actual commercial edition of a Belle album (in nostalgic compact disc format) will feature your creative work if the band so deems it worthy."

Full details on the contest can be found right here. And already there are oh, ten that are just perfect. The band chooses the winner too...

TVD wonders - is there a Photoshop twee filter?

TVD Plugs | For the Week of December 22, 2008

What to do with all of those email alerts we get that we simply can't do justice throughout the week? Why, it's condense them right here in our new weekly bulletin board, 'plugs.'

We don't care where you are or what city you're in--if you've got something you wanna promote or think we should be listening to or seeing or reading, this is the place to put it. Got a band? A photo exhibit? DJing some place? A good cause worth promoting? This is the spot for it. (And if you've checked that little widget waaay down there bottom left, this is a global forum, indeed.)

We'll be posting what lands in our in-box right here daily as well as welcoming your tips, and we'll be refreshing it once a week to stay on top of what we're both up to.

So, clue us in right here in the comments section to these posts. Weekly.