Monday, August 10, 2009

TVD Back to the Old House

So, I have a bit of a confession in regard to our 'break' last week—it really wasn't a vacation at all as was insinuated by the vacation graphic that was posted, all tall frosty one and teal ocean water.

In fact, Business Week Magazine framed an article (no joke) on why we were absent from TVD HQ last week:

"On a Tuesday night in late July, Jon Meyers, 42, got the call every child with an elderly parent dreads. His 84-year-old mother, Ruth, who suffers from dementia, had fallen in her kitchen and was heading to a New Jersey hospital by ambulance. But instead of agonizing over not being able to get there quickly—it's four hours from his home in Washington, D.C., to Point Pleasant, N.J.—Meyers took comfort in the fact that Stephen Mielach, a geriatric care manager, was following the ambulance, ready to take control.

Before 2007, Meyers had never heard of geriatric care managers (also called geriatric case managers). But then his mother developed problems that required hospitalization, and Meyers couldn't keep taking days off from his job as an art director ... On the recommendation of his mother's physician, Meyers, an only child, hired Mielach. He accompanies Meyers' mother on doctor visits, looks after her dog on occasion, and even helped with the paperwork for a reverse mortgage so that she could stay in her home."

Little did I realize then, like dominoes, what that one fall hath wrought. But, I've got a blog ... where I'll try to work it out.

TVD goes back to the old house this week. For the last time.

Steve Martin - Mad At My Mother (Mp3)
Queen - Sail Away Sweet Sister (Mp3)
Harry Nilsson - So Long Dad (Mp3)
Bee and Flower - Don't Say Don't Worry (Mp3)
Danny Wilson - Pleasure To Pleasure (Mp3)