Wednesday, February 6, 2008


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TVD's Daily Wax | "First Love, Last Rites" Soundtrack

Washington DC's own Shudder To Think return with another fine soundtrack with 1997's "First Love, Last Rites", the movie adaptation of a collection of short stories by Ian McEwan.

"There's a diner on Second Avenue that serves the best soup in New York City. The radio is always tuned to an oldies station that does not exist outside of its kitchen. Every song is perfect, utterly transporting; simultaneously fresh and timeless, fleeting yet somehow permanent. The feeling is not unlike self-discovery, where what is revealed is something you feel you've known all along, a million-dollar word forever on the tip of your tongue. It is the feeling of springtime, and of limitless possibility; of flesh, and of love. That is the feeling we wanted to evoke with this recording. It embodies the frozen-in-(summer)time love story of Sissel and Joey, the film's two main characters. The songs comprise Sissel's singles collection, which she plays throughout the movie on her plastic turntable, in the couple's stilted, one-room house on the bayou. They are seventeen, and this is their music. It is also our music, to which some friends lent their voices, and so it is their music as well. Hopefully it'll be yours soon, too."

Shudder To Think featuring Jeff Buckley - I Want Someone Badly (Mp3)
Shudder To Think featuring Liz Phair - Erecting A Movie Star (Mp3)
Shudder To Think featuring Robin Zander - Automatic Soup (Mp3)
Shudder To Think featuring John Doe - Speed Of Love (Mp3)
Shudder To Think featuring Matt Johnson - Jelly On The Table (Mp3)