Monday, January 4, 2010

TVD Fresh Pick | The Watson Twins' 'U-N-Me'

(1/4/10 Update - worst stomach flu ever. We'll return when the stomach does.)

(Yea...we're back. On a Sunday. Go figure.)

Recall the 'Rate That Record' feature we started a while back? Of course you don't. You guys are a quiet bunch indeed.

Well, we're still inundated with new music and we've got a way to put it in your ears and ipods in 2010 which we're certain will have you running out for a copy on vinyl. (Right?)

Fresh Picks: keep your eyes peeled for the oranges for the latest into TVD HQ.

Now, we won't guarantee quality each and every time - except for this first time out.

The lovely and talented Watson Twins return in February with ' Talking To You, Talking To Me,' their latest on Vanguard and we've got the first single and the very first track posted to the blog in 2010.

On a Sunday. Go figure.

The Watson Twins - U-N-Me (Mp3)