Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A TVD Ticket Giveaway | The Meat Puppets, Saturday (6/13) at The Rock & Roll Hotel

They’ve influenced everyone. They’re the soundtrack to your high school years. They’ve broken up and reformed and broken up and reformed. Their drummer even trashed my own drum kit. (True story.) AND they take the stage this Saturday night at The Rock and Roll Hotel in support of their new release 'Sewn Together' and TVD’s got a pair of tickets to give away for the ragged, psychedelic glory that is: The Meat Puppets.

Grab our attention in the comments below (with your contact info!) joining the chorus of such bands as Dinosaur Jr, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Pavement, and Soundgarden singing the praises of the Kirkwood brothers and you too could be front and center and under the influence. We'll choose one winner on Friday (6/12) at noon for the pair of tickets, so get crackin’.

The Meat Puppets - Rotten Shame (Mp3)

TVD First Date with | Elizabeth & the Catapult

Over the past week or more we’ve become quite enamored with Elizabeth & the Catapult here at TVD HQ. I hesitate to even label them ‘indie’ as to do a disservice to a level of songwriting that easily outpaces their peers tagged with that moniker. There’s some real thoughtful artistry on hand here that swells deceptively from simplicity to grandeur. And damn if that isn’t refreshing for a change.

Secondly, if the world is destroyed tomorrow by a nuke, you’ll find us in Elizabeth’s parents’ cool, dry basement. Just sayin’.

"It may sound overly dramatic or sentimental but if the world was destroyed tomorrow by a nuke - all of my digital archives would be destroyed. Completely and utterly gone. My vinyl collection on the other hand, if stored in a cool and dry place (like my parents basement where it currently resides) would actually survive to see the light of day. That, along with my diary, lyrics and my Encyclopedia Britannica. It's a funny thought to think we've progressed to be such highpowered, efficient, organized human beings, yet our modern, fast acting ipods and computers are actually less dependable than a piece of decorated cardboard.

This is definitely symbolic for me and my relationship with vinyl. It goes way back to when I was ten years old and received The White Album for my birthday from a family friend. It totally blew my mind---there was something so organic, so warm, so TANGIBLE about listening to John and Paul singing through my dad's old record player. I would sit with the artwork in hand, cradling the lyrics and singing along to "Blackbird" and "Wild Honey Pie" like I was getting a private showing in my living room. When I discovered Joni and Bob and Stevie, I covered the walls of my bedroom with record covers---a colorful canopy of my idols to wake up to in the morning. 

It's not that I don't love listening to music on my ipod when I ride on the subway to work, it's not that I don't get super excited by the new and improved iphone commercials like everyone else does---it's just that I know that there is absolutely no substitute for the quasi-spiritual experience I get from listening to a Nina Simone record late in the evening. Nothing, not even an ipod chip embedded in my brain, could ever beat that."

Elizabeth & the Catapult - Taller Children (Mp3)

TVD On Your Radio

I was over at Som this past Saturday, my hands flipping through the bins with weird, hypnotic gestures... (Uh, note to self: less praising Jah before heading out for the afternoon...) ...and finally picked up the Sub Pop Vaselines compilation that adorns the top of this post.

It’s a gorgeous 3-LP set complete with a long article/interview conducted with the Scottish pair by none other than my favorite all time Melody Maker contributor Everett True. Despite the aforementioned, my jury’s still out. Sure—Nirvana etc., etc... What am I missing here at the moment?

The Vaselines - Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam (Mp3)
The Killjoys - Johnny Won't Get To Heaven (Mp3)
Milkshakes - Ambassadors Of Love (Mp3)
The Flatmates - I Could Be In Heaven (Mp3)
Radio Stars - Nervous Wreck (Mp3)

TVD Live Tease | Exit Clov TONIGHT (6/10) at The Black Cat

Exit Clov, a five piece standard on the DC scene for the past half decade, took some time to talk to TVD prior to their show tonight at the Black Cat. The Clov is fronted by Susan & Emily Hsu, twin sister threats on guitar, keyboards, and dueling vocals/violins. They are surrounded by the tight trio of Aaron Leeder on power guitar, Brett Niederman on funk bass, and John Thayer on break drums.

Much has been written in DC about the band, who have gone far in this town. They're taking things a bit further these days, up to New York City, where half the band has officially relocated for now. Though they didn't have time for an official TVD First Date, they did open up a bit with some teaser thoughts for us...

1) What can we expect at your show?

Brett: Best Exit Clov show EVER.

2) What do you think of DC nowadays?
Suz: DC feels like an old lover. Probably learned all there is to know about it yet it grows dearer to the heart everyday.

3) How's NYC been treating you all?
Suz: I don't live there so it still feels like a vacation whenever I'm there.

4) Fave DC & NYC bands?
Em: Yeasayer, Blonde Redhead, YYY, Bluebrain (and Matt & Kim but only the synth riff in Good Ol' Fashioned Nightmare!)

5) Fave DC & NYC stages?
Em and Aaron: Bowery Ballroom, Union Hall, Black Cat, IOTA

6) Fave/1st records on vinyl?
Suz: None of us are vinyl collectors, but I'm working on setting up a turntable and sound system for my apartment. My first record that I actually owned was a gift - Belle & Sebastian's "Jonathan David."
Aaron: The Beatles - Abbey Road, Michael Jackson - Thriller

(Thanks to our pal Ben for putting it together...)