Thursday, September 10, 2009

TVD Pop Over | Echoes In The Wind

(You’re supposed to read the type in the graphic with the mournful announcer’s voice: “...on a very special...TVD Pop Over...”)

I’d been reading whiteray’s excellent blog ‘Echoes in the Wind’ for a number of years now, reveling in his tales and tunes when suddenly last week—boom!—blog was ...gone? The whole thing. Just disappeared.

Uh, whiteray?

"It was kind of like turning on the television news and seeing a three-headed alien behind the desk saying “Good evening! I’m Gnirt Tkalch, and here’s the news tonight on Planet Zamzam.”

It was mid-afternoon on September 3. I’d clicked the link for my blog, Echoes In The Wind, and I got a page with the familiar orange Blogger logo and a message that said something like: No such blog exists. Of course it exists, I thought to myself; I just put a post up this morning! I clicked the link again and got the same thing.

After a moment of thought – during which I wondered if I’d actually ended up on Planet Zamzam – I went to my dashboard and found a notice from Blogger that said, “We've received another complaint on your blog(s), (Echoes In The Wind). Given that we've provided you with several warnings of these violations and advised you of our policy towards repeat infringers, we've been forced to remove your blog.”

I reviewed in my head: Let’s see, there were three notices last autumn, all in the same week. Then there was one in August. So, four warnings – I guess four is “several” – and now one more complaint that tipped the balance. There were also some posts during the past year – four or five – that disappeared from the blog without any explanation or notification. So call it nine complaints. Over a period of two years and eight months and a total of almost eight hundred posts.

I understand, in a way, Blogger’s position and the position of its parent company, Google. A complaint requires a response. What I don’t get is the unwillingness of much of the music industry to deal with individual bloggers (as well as the seeming point of view that it’s somehow bad to draw attention to performers and their music). I’d put a notice on the blog asking copyright holders to contact me if they objected; a couple did, and I happily removed those links and deleted the uploads within hours. Others, however, evidently complained. I say “evidently” because of the four emails I received specifying an offending post, three gave no information about the source of the complaint; I’m not sure in those cases whether the complaint came from someone with a genuine stake in the matter or from someone having malicious fun. (There are times I lean strongly toward the latter.) The source of the fourth complaint – the one I got in August – was identified: It was a singer-songwriter who had one Top 40 hit, in 1982, and has released one album since 1988. One would think any attention would be beneficial, but I guess not.

On top of all that, my blog was an odd target, as there are a thousand, maybe ten thousand blogs out there whose operators are sharing music that was released last week, last month, maybe yesterday. A good portion of what I shared is out of print, much of it was obscure, and the vast majority of it was at least thirty years old. As I wrote above, one would think any attention would be beneficial . . .

Well, I’ve moved on, and I’ve moved. You can find my new location in the links here at TVD.

Someone asked me how it felt. As usual, the best way to answer that is with music, and these titles tell the tale:"

Loggins & Messina - Angry Eyes (Mp3)
The Church - Lost (Mp3)
Maria Muldaur - Sad Eyes (Mp3)
Johnny Taylor - Starting All Over Again (Mp3)
Lulu - Feelin' Alright (Mp3)

TVD | Wavelength

Not to jump to too many premature conclusions with our 'fresh ears on New Wave' thesis this week, but ...uh. I had a hard time finding five more that were out and out crap. (And why make Spandau Ballet our whipping boys, right?)

So, five more freshly (re)picked from a fine vine.

Ultravox - All Stood Still (Mp3)
Comsat Angels - Independence Day (Mp3)
Martha & The Muffins - Echo Beach (Mp3)
Frazier Chorus - Dream Kitchen (Mp3)
The Korgis - Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometimes (Mp3)