Thursday, June 25, 2009

TVD Remembers | Michael Jackson

"...All the beauty gets taken for granted / All the pain gets put in the way..."

Jackson Five - I Want You Back (Mp3)
Jackson Five - ABC (Mp3)
Jackson Five - Dancing Machine (Mp3)
Jackson Five - Goin Back to Indiana (Mp3)
Jackson Five - It's Too Late to Change the Time (Mp3)
Jackson Five - Who's Loving You (Mp3)
Michael Jackson - Ben (Mp3)
Michael Jackson - I Wanna Rock With You (Mp3)
Michael Jackson - Beat It (Mp3)
Michael Jackson - Wanna Be Startin Somethin (Mp3)
Michael Jackson - Thriller (Mp3)

TVD Class of ’72 | “Smokin’ O.P.’s” by Bob Seger

(Ed's note: As we mentioned earlier in the week, our pal Jeff from AM, then FM will be joining us several times a month with a dip in the box of LP's from the 70's. Today is his first installment, and given our covers themed week, it's quite timely indeed.)

If you know Bob Seger only from “Night Moves” and the Silver Bullet Band in the late ‘70s, you really ought to get to know the other Bob Seger.

He’s a pretty cool guy. Those of us who grew up in the Midwest have known that guy since the early ‘70s, maybe even the late ‘60s. That’s when we started digging his stuff, which was – and is -- passionate, gritty, hard-rocking and energetic.

“Smokin’ O.P.’s,” released in August 1972, is an album made up mostly of covers. It’s sort of a bridge between the earliest tunes by Bob Seger and the Last Heard and then the Bob Seger System -- tunes that were big mostly only around Detroit -- and some early ’70s solo albums that were big mostly only in the Midwest.

On this one, Seger is standing smack at the intersection of Rock, Soul and Blues. You’ll also dig his formidable backing band. In particular, Mike Bruce on guitar, Skip Knope on Hammond organ and Pam Todd and Crystal Jenkins on lead and backup vocals.

Bob Seger - Bo Diddley/Who Do You Love (Bo Diddley cover) (Mp3)
Bob Seger - Love The One You’re With (Stephen Stills cover) (Mp3)
Bob Seger - Turn On Your Love Light (Bobby "Blue" Bland cover) (Mp3)

All from “Smokin’ O.P.’s,” Bob Seger, 1972.

It's a TVD Ticket Giveaway | Wild Fictions, Saturday, 6/27 at The Velvet Lounge

It’s just seems like we have tickets for show after show now, doesn’t it? Well, it should—and we’ve got not just a pair of tickets, but a t-shirt and the most recent EP from local brother/sister, drum/keyboard duo Wild Fictions. Kelly and Chris are joined by Loderunner and Ribbons this Saturday night at Velvet Lounge for what’s shaping up to be a fine night of music all around.

The drill: the comments box. You: leave a comment within pleading your case (with contact info!) for the grab bag of gifts. TVD: chooses one winner come Friday. You: rock out on Saturday. TVD: you’re welcome.

Wild Fictions - Secret Society (Mp3)
Wild Fictions - 1943 (Mp3)

It's an TVD/Ash, Handmade, Autographed CD Giveaway! (CD...?!)

I’ve always argued when it comes to CDs that they’re impersonal and physically just 25% of the artistic aesthetic I’ve long appreciated with vinyl records. But your bleary eyes aren’t confusing you this morning—TVD’s got a CD giveaway.

For the past year Ash have been holed up in their New York HQ, Atomic Heart Studios, writing and recording a series of songs that will form what the band is calling the A-Z series. Starting in October, every two weeks for the next twelve months, Ash will release one single on limited 7” vinyl and digital download...Starting with ‘A’ and ending at 'Z', all 26 songs will be released on Ash’s own Atomic Heart Records and will be available through shops and by subscription through the band’s website.

Ash kick of this series with a bonus track (not one of the forthcoming 26 songs)—the Mark Hamilton penned song "Return of White Rabbit."

TVD’s got our mitts on a set of limited edition promo CDs for "Return of White Rabbit" which have been handmade and signed personally by members of the band; Rick’s pack of playing cards, Tim’s apocalyptic bunny rabbits and Mark’s day-glo stencils. So, yes—they’re CDs, but they can’t get any MORE unique than this set.

The drill is the same: grab our attention in the comments (with contact info!) and the entire set of three CD’s will land on your doorstep no matter where you’re reading us. We’ll choose our winner next Friday (6/26) for the set.

Download the track "Return of White Rabbit" free at Ash's official site.