Tuesday, December 18, 2007

TVD's Daily Wax | Talk Talk "Laughing Stock"

Something happened along the way to one of my favorite New Wave bands -- it shed the "of the moment" vibe for something more - timeless - which is an odd proposition when it's coming from Talk Talk whose first LP's slick, professional -- and quite lifeless (although the single "Talk Talk" still remains a favorite.) Newly signed to Polydor in 1991 (the 90's again?!) "Laughing Stock" was released on the Verve imprint which befits the minimalist, experimental, improvisational, often jazz-like vibe of the release. I found myself one evening at the much missed Warehouse Next Door watching band after band shoot for this Can-like groove without pulling it off and I thought, "Damn -- that Talk Talk was onto something..."

Talk Talk - Ascension Day (Mp3)
Talk Talk - New Grass (Mp3)
Talk Talk - Runeii (Mp3)