Tuesday, August 3, 2010

TVD Takeover Giveaway | Jesca Hoop

Notoriously I'm out of step in general with my musical tastes. Much like Jesca it seems, and Johnny Ramone before her, I tend to think everything that came earlier on is always better. Always more inspired and genuine than something newly downloadable.

I mean, how can it not be, really? Most everything is revivalist to some degree which inherently arrives without a pedigree. . . unless there's some taste exhibited. Something new sewn into the fabric. A hint or authenticity bordering on a sense of danger or mystery. A world-weary need to reinvent. To reimagine.

Which Ms. Hoop has in spades.

And notoriously I rarely, if ever, agree with critics. But I am sensing some like minds amidst a number of them out there when it comes to Jesca's new LP, "Hunting My Dress."

“She spins a balance between play and poignancy, complexity and catchiness, without breaking a thread.” —The Observer

“In a voice that ranges from gentle, crystalline charm to edgy intensity, she’s in turn playful, bluesy, haunting, and folky. What prevents this all from becoming a mish-mash of textures is Hoop’s single minded passion, which lends a self assured cohesion to her diversity.” 4 STARS —Uncut

“A new sound that is both studied and inspired.” 4 STARS —Q

“Hunting My Dress rejoices in off-the-cuff dreamlike sensuality, pitching and rolling in all sorts of pleasingly unexpected directions.” 4 STARS —Mojo

“Veers between Kate Bush meets Bat For Lashes away-with-the-fairies pop, PJ Harvey ballsy blues-rock, and sultry folk – all done with the kind of slightly off-kilter art-house production you’d expect of Bjork.” —The Telegraph

Yet as I often say here, don't take my word for it. Hell, in this guise I'm a critic.

We have a copy of Jesca Hoop's new LP to award one among you who can pick up the thread started here and run with the baton with some well wrung words in the comments to this post. Older music/newer music—where am I wrong or right? How does Jesca fit in among this thread?

We'll choose one from the insightful bunch next Tuesday, 8/10, and important—remember to leave us a contact email address!

Jesca Hoop -Feast of the Heart (Mp3)
Authorized for download!

TVD Fresh Track | New from School of Seven Bells

Working its summer magic, shot in Brooklyn and directed by David Altobelli, School of Seven Bell's "Windstorm" video has premiered on the band's Facebook page. Like 'em and the video kicks into gear immediately.

(And for your iPod shuffling, we have the track free below.

School of Seven Bells - Windstorm (Mp3)
Authorized for download!

TVD Takeover | Jesca Hoop

Jesca Hoop's Favorite Records on Vinyl

Kate Bush - The Dreaming: I particularly love 'The Dreaming' because it is totally mad and completely original.

Led Zeppelin - 1, 2, 3: These records were the sound track to my high school years.

Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon: I found this one in my brother's collection when I was 18. It was a perfect complement to my new found fondness for recreational drugs.

Fleetwood Mac - Tusk: Thanx to my Dad I grew up on 'Rumors.' It wasn’t till later that I found 'Tusk.' The band sounds like they are going nuts on this record. You can hear how much fun they are having.

Joni Mitchell - Court and Spark and Song For A Sea Gull: I think these records are an essential for any young woman. They are such good mood records. I would draw, sip tea, sit by the fire, and gaze while listening to these records.

Tom Waits - Mule Variations: This is my favorite of all of the Waits records.

The Beatles - White Album and Rubber Soul: I was one of those kids who wasn’t allowed to listen to The Beatles. My mother wouldn’t let me....so discovering The Beatles records beyond HELP was a delicious off limits treat.

The Shins - Wincing the Night Away: Oddly enough it is rare that I like a new band enough to buy their record. The Shins are an one a few exceptions. This record was hugely refreshing.

Led Zeppelin I Can't Quit You Baby (Mp3)
Pink Floyd - The Great Gig In The Sky (Mp3)
Fleetwood Mac - Tusk (Mp3)
The Beatles - Girl (Mp3)
The Beatles - While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Mp3)

TVD's Twitter Music Monday for 8/02/10

Kid Cudi dominated #musicmonday this week. Not only did lots of people link to him, they linked to an unusually wide variety of songs.

This week, my brother Mark, who is temporarily residing in my guest room on my floor, is lending his classically trained musician ears to this venture. (Mark tweets, hilariously, at @bad_moniker, by the by.) We listened to every one of these darn #musicmonday Kid Cudi songs. These are our thoughts.

Up Up & Away (The Wake & Bake Song): “Clip” and “bud” in the first 30 seconds. Then “motherf***er,” “who gives a f***,” and the “N” word in one verse. This is not very subtle. Also, it ends in a monologue. From Mark: “The music of it sounded exactly like a Killers song, or the Bravery. And then I got distracted by the kitten playing with a dolphin.” Obviously, we are related.

David Guetta featuring Kid Cudi—Memories: Mark has started to sing “Cats” before the song even begins. When it does begin, I immediately start dancing. But, like, dancing sarcastically? I’m positive this is possible. Also, I think this song might have the MOST stupid lyrics I have ever heard in my entire life. Mark is now singing falsetto Black Eyed Peas and says “uuuueghhh.”

Mojo So Dope: “This is really bad,” says Mark. “I’m of the opinion that you should either rap or sing, and if you try to do both at the same time you do neither.” I am now unsure if I know the difference between rapping and singing, but get distracted because good heavens, Kid Cudi the naughty words! I am clutching my pearls over here, and I have a fouler mouth than...actually I’ve been out-sworn by my grandma and by a nun, so never mind.

Erase Me (featuring Kanye West): This is an overhand clap kind of song. Don’t know what I mean? Go to 2:50 of this iconic video. Mark and I are both disappointed that what could actually have been a HILARIOUS diarrhea joke gets softened (get it?) when Kudi pronounces the line “die Aria.”

Consequence featuring Kid Cudi—Buggin’ Out: The googly eyes in the music video for this song are freaking. Me. Out. Also, I was trying to find the deep meaning behind them, and then I re-looked at the name of the song. Buggin’ Out. Bug eyes. Duh. Mark charitably deems this one “less irritating.”

I Be High: Guys, guys! I think Kid Cudi likes to get high! In a remarkable coincidence, this song does to me the same thing most abusable substances do: Makes me really sleepy. As Mark says “This is so boring. Why did I ever agree to this?” One long minute later: “He was clearly low while writing this.” Ahahaha. No.

Dat New New: This song features the lyric “You guys think acute but Cudi is obtuse.” Hey Cudi? Obtuse: Not a complimentary modifier.

Mark, summing up his experience, says “I really hope he doesn’t get big.” At this point I inform Mark that Kid Cudi already is big. Mark doesn’t get out much, because I keep him locked in my apartment.

Role #mmodel: “zufanek: Dne?ní #musicmonday v?nuju mojí nejposlouchan?j?í skladb? roku 2008 od brooklynských hipík? MGMT http://post.ly/poh7” MGMT? Brooklyn? Hip? Czech!

My #musicmonday pick: I am a sucker for power pop and Free Energy’s Bang Pop (also an overhand clap song…) has been making me happy.

Mark’s #musicmonday pick: Swing, by the Bloody Hollies. He came up with a bunch of reasons for choosing this jam but I don’t feel like typing any of them.

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