Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Vinyl District's Daily Read

OK, so imagine this -- take the worst band you can think of (for me that might be your REM's, your Dave Matthew's Bands, Grateful Deads, Doors, Associations, They Might Be Giants...well, you get the picture...) and imagine IF but for some twist of fate, you can manipulate the sun and the stars -- and perhaps your local power grid -- to put the ka-bosh on the first and future rehearsals juuuust enough so that the band never forms. Nothing's heard from them - ever. No kiss-ass Rolling Stone reviewer to fawn over unheralded "genius." No influence on popular culture - Nothing. Zip.

Picture that glorious world free of Michael Stipe and that brand of mincing 80's self-absorption. No flannel in the 90's. No popped collars - now or ever. Who would YOU smite?

All that and more is discussed and dissed here.

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