Friday, February 6, 2009

See you there, right?

It's an understatement to say that we here at TVD are proud to have teamed with Som Records, DC Soul, and Civilian Art Projects to bring you what we hope will be one of many Washington, DC Record Fairs.

Please join us this Sunday, February 8th in the Civilian Arts gallery located at 406 7th Street, NW for an afternoon of records, DJ’s, (adult) refreshments, and yea -- more records. We’ve got dealers from New York, Richmond, and all points in between hawking their vinyl wares. DJ’s confirmed so far include DJ’s Name Names, D-Mac, and Nitekrawler.

So, get to brunch. Knock back a few Bloody Marys (as we'll have) and join us this Sunday. We'll be the folks with our noses in the crates...

You can follow the event on Facebook too!

Update: Brightest Young Things does a piece on the record fair right here.

TVD Parting Shots

DJ Nitekrawler's got one hell of a weekend in front of him. Tonight it's Moneytown over at Dahlak, and then on Sunday he cohosts our little Record Fair. But even with all of that, he's got something special for the TVD readership along with your Friday parting glances:

"I recently released a 45rpm single in conjunction with Peoples Potential Unlimited: "George Smallwood - Lady Disco / Mr. Sunshine" .....tracks originally recorded and released in shamefully limited quantities during the late 70s and early 80s. For those of you w/record players that dig disco and groovin' soul tunes, I'll have 5 copies at the show that I'll be giving away for free.......all you gotta do is be one of the first 5 people that ask me for um. First come, first serve, so get there early. And look out for a record release party coming up sometime soon....George (yes, he still can play) will be rockin' the keyboard and vocals to get your head bobbin'."

The Tierras – Right On
A HEAVY HEAVY track. Too bad no one has any idea who the Tierras are.

Black Horizon – Black Horizon
How can you go wrong with a group called Black Horizon? Still somewhat of a mystery in the chronicles of Washington DC soul, this mid-70s outfit meshed conscious lyrics with RAW disco-funk grooves. BAM!

The Shadows of Soul – Shadows of Soul

Not a very creative name for your track Shadows…….but it is KILLER.

Freddie Wilson – What Would It Be Like
In the tradition of James brown comes…..another Georgia guy who sounds like James Brown. And it’s good. Yeah. Get down.

Little Denise – Check Me Out
If I were to overhear you saying that you wanted to check out Denise, it would probably be disturbing as she seems pretty gosh darn young. But anyways, I like the track and you will too.

Eddie Floyd – Big Bird
This is seriously one of the heaviest things the Stax label ever put out. Don’t sleep! A Moneytown favorite!

Lloyd Price – Bad Conditions
Considering the condition of the economy, and the weather lately, and my, um, love life…..yeah. It fits. But it will make you feel good, regardless.

Mary Alice McCall – Wade In The Water

Ok. So you might be writing off this tune already since it’s another version of that gospel tune that I’m sure we all bump sooo often….but seriously…..this one is different. If you don’t find yourself moving like a possessed spirit in the presence of a priest, then you’ve got some issues with your hearing.

The Exits – Got To Have Money
One of my favorite tracks ever. Got the beat, got the lyrics, got the feel. It’s all there folks.

Reuben Bell – Action Speaks Louder Than Words

And to close, a moral message…..courtesy of Moneytown!

Moneytown Promo Mix #5, “Dear Patrick” ('bout 30 min.) (Mp3)