Tuesday, June 1, 2010

TVD Fresh Track | Keegan Snaize

Aw, c'mon...you've never heard of Keegan Snaize? Well, I hadn't either until this little Neil Finn-like gem landed in my in-box last weekend.

"Venus In Transit was written during an unexpectedly long stay on an island in the South Pacific - after becoming fascinated with tribal rhythms and Polynesian harmonies, we traveled around collecting stories, poems and old synthesizers and wove them into our own song.

A tale of lost love, unfulfilled promises and heavenly bodies, "Venus" is a band favourite and features beautiful harmonies from Hayley Hutchinson."

And it's wonderful indeed. Grab the full release here!

Keegan Snaize - Venus In Transit (Mp3)
Authorized for download!

TVD Spring Vinyl Giveaway | The National 'High Violet'

Right...you spent the previous weekend in sweltering 90 degree heat, around the pool or the barbecue pit, slathering on the tanning butter...but friends, technically it's still Spring. For three more weeks, actually.

And like you, I did much of the aforementioned and never got around to a 'Summer Giveaway' graphic...so we'll make do this morning, ok? All Spring-like.

Brooklyn's The National storm Constitution Hall in DC this coming Sunday evening (6/6) and in advance of their appearance we've got three (count 'em, three) copies of the new LP 'High Violet' to put in your hands.

I think Popmatters in their review of the new LP put it best, "For years, loving the National’s music has often meant reveling in the twinge of pain that comes when someone else manages to perfectly pin down and dissect a little piece of your psyche, which is why fans can get so inarticulate when trying to talk about what’s great about the band. As Felix Mendelssohn said, “The thoughts that are expressed to me by music that I love are not too indefinite to be put into words, but on the contrary, too definite.”

High Violet‘s greatness, above beyond the fact that it’s a gorgeously arranged and performed set of songs of surprising tensile strength and grace, is that it rests its finger on some uncomfortably relevant truths about life after you no longer have the mental, physical, social or emotional wherewithal to spend every night at the bar and leaving the Silver City for somewhere quieter starts seeming like a good move. Anyone who loves this record probably has a very exact idea of how it touches on their own life, but most of us probably aren’t going to want to share."

Ready for your moment of self-reflection with 'High Violet' as a soundtrack? In the comments to this post when and how you turned a particular corner—in regard to The National or anything else that strikes you. That's it - just spill it.

We'll choose three winners for a copy of the LP and close this contest on Tuesday, 6/8 to give you some time after The National's DC appearance to let it all sink in and figure out what it all means. Remember to leave us some contact info too!

The National - Bloodbuzz Ohio (Mp3)
Authorized for download!

TVD Ticket Giveaway | Allison Moorer w/Jay Farrar, Thursday (6/3) at The Birchmere

"I always like to give people an opportunity to hear a song in the form it was born in. And sometimes with a twist. That's what this recording is about."

...and that's what Allison Moorer's 'Crows' Acoustic EP is all about - a stripped down reimagination of her critically acclaimed Ryko debut, 'Crows.'

To mark its digital release, Allison's hit the road with a tour stop at The Birchmere this coming Thursday night (6/3) with Jay Farrar and as the graphic above imparts - we've got a pair of tickets to put in your hands courtesy of the fine folks at Ryko.

Winning the pair of tickets is simple—in the comments to this post plead your case as to why you're willing to reimagine your Thursday night plans to spend them with Ms. Moorer at The Birchmere—and the most convincing of the bunch sees the show on us!

Remember to leave us some contact info (important!) and we'll notify a winner by 5PM on Wednesday, 6/2.

Allison Moorer - Broken Girl (Mp3)
Authorized for download!