Thursday, September 9, 2010

TVD Summer Vinyl Giveaway | A split 12" on Berlin's Haywain Recordings

I've said it many times over but I'll repeat it once more—the beauty of this endeavor is being the recipient of solicitations from across the globe pointing me to new music and/or new record labels. Or, shall I say, new to me.

Case in point was an email from Berlin introducing me to that city's Haywain Recordings and the music of Château Laut and Jeanie Bueller. And I've asked them to introduce themselves to you:

"Haywain Recordings documents the creative surrounding of photographer and musician Stephan Laackman. With its do-it-yourself philosophy it has distinguished itself in the past 11 years as an independent platform for offstream acts. From electro to noise, from indie rock to acoustic folk, releases of all kinds can be found on the label, whether as limited vinyl, tapes, CDs or CD-Rs.

Bands, such as Château Laut (bluNoise) or composer and producer Stanley Anscorm (Diamonds and Pearls/EXR) choose Haywain to release music apart from their regular output. 2010 sees the release of the album "Elegiac Stanzas" by Johnny3000, a split 12“ vinyl with Château Laut and Laackman‘s own band Jeanie Bueller, the cover of it featuring art by painter Klaus Lomnitzer. An album with live bootlegs of Château Laut and a new EP with selected and unreleased archivmaterial by The K.o.N. is in the works for a late 2010 release.

It has been Laackman‘s work as a photographer for several years to capture internationally known independent rock bands in Berlin, bringing him in contact with a lot of artists, such as Lambchop, Sonic Youth, Deerhunter, Tortoise or Times New Viking. The resulting book "Citybirches Photography Works" will be accompanied by a compilation of tracks by many of the collaborating bands, released through Haywain.

More exclusive recordings with some of these bands are to follow in form of "Citystreet Hihat", an audio series of spontaneous field recording sessions of artists and bands on tour, captured in hotel rooms, on the street, before the soundcheck, or after their show. Topped off with individual art work, photos and tour diaries, the episodes are released for free as virtual 7" on the labels website. The first of those features Tiny Vipers (Jesy Fortino) out October 6, 2010.

All releases are available exclusively at the label‘s webshop."

We have two copies of the Château Laut and Jeanie Bueller split 12" by way of further introduction to Haywain to award to two of you who request one in the comments to this post. Download the Mp3s offered below and share your thoughts—with a contact email address—and a package directly from Berlin will land upon the doorstep of two deserving commenters. We'll give you a week and select our winners on Thursday, 9/16.

Jeanie Bueller - Music For Simulator Flights (MP3)

Château Laut - The Day Will Come Tonight (MP3)
Approved for download!

TVD Fresh Track | New from Fistful of Mercy

I can't help it - I'm a Beatlephile.

Any music with any vague connection or reference to The Beatles—I need to turn over that rock. So, it was with some interest when I first caught word of
Fistful of Mercy, a project that includes Joseph Arthur, Ben Harper and Dhani Harrison, son of Beatle George.

If anything, the collaboration veers toward Turin Breaks territory with its strummed acoustic guitars and harmonic interplay—and it's quite pleasing indeed with Dhani's high parts in the harmonies touching on something very familiar and 'Harrison-esque.'

Fistful of Mercy will release their debut album 'As I Call You Down' on October 5th on Harrison’s own Hot Records. Pre-orders for the album are currently available at the band's online store. The first 300 pre-orders will come with a signed poster from the band.

Limited edition vinyl will be available in stores a week early starting September 28th.

Fistful of Mercy plays the Sixth & I Synagogue on November 16.

Fistful of Mercy - Fistful of Mercy (Mp3)
Approved for download!