Friday, September 18, 2009

TVD's Parting Shots

Our Friday Ten operates as a less than subtle reminder to join TVD this evening at The Writer’s Center in Bethesda for the commencement of the Story/Stereo series.

We’d like to thank its curators Chad Clark of Beauty Pill and Matt Byars of The Caribbean for lending their sensibilities to the blog this week and Roofwalkers for just about everything else in between.

Like you didn’t see this Friday theme coming from a mile away:

Rick Springfield - Comic Book Heroes (Mp3)
Obits - Put It In Writing (Mp3)
Hello Saferide - If I Don't Write This Song Someone I Love Will Die (Mp3)
Harvey Danger - Happiness Writes White (Mp3)
The Clientele - Bookshop Casanova (Mp3)
Knights - The Words Don't Come (Mp3)
Joanna Newsom - The Book of Right-On (Mp3)
The Sound - Words Fail Me (Mp3)
Spoon - The Book I Write (Mp3)
Split Enz - Lost For Words (Mp3)