Thursday, July 2, 2009

TVD First Date with | Living Things

Some people just seem genetically predisposed to music making I often think. Be it the cheek bones or some other piece of physicality, some stuff’s just preordained.

Such is the case with St. Louis’ Living Things who swept through DC last week and played a storming set over at The Rock and Roll Hotel. TVD chatted with Lillian Berlin, the band’s lead vocalist and it seems that he TOO has a predisposition—for vinyl:

"When I search for vinyl I usually end up in a Salvation Army. Albums with titles like Sammy Davis Jr. Sings Jewish Folk Songs, you can only find these classics at your local Army. If I am going for something more mainstream I opt to log on to eBay or hit Vintage Vinyl in St. Louis where I am from, or Grimes in Nashville and Amoeba in the City of Angels. In the end I never get to hear my vinyl collection much, because I am either on the road, on a plane or in the studio with my brothers. Which is when the evil iPod goes into effect..... When I am at home I seem to not want to jam out to the record player cause music is making my ears bleed all day...”

Living Things - Mercedes Marxist (Mp3)
Living Things - Oxygen (Mp3)