Tuesday, September 22, 2009

TVD Ghost Notes

I’m having conversations with my Dad lately despite the fact that he passed away three years ago last week. I imagine catching up and filling him in on world events and the like. On my mom and her health and the dog he adored that now lives with me.

It’s cruelly ironic that when he was actually around, sometimes weeks would go by before I’d pick up the phone for a hello. He’d say, ‘Where have you BEEN—I was worried!” And I’d say, “Oh, I’m FINE...why would you WORRY?!”

“When you’re a parent,” he’d say often, “you’ll understand.”

Well, I’m not. But I do now.

Modern English - Gathering Dust (Mp3)
Blanket of Secrecy - Remember Me And You (Mp3)
Tegan & Sara - Walking With A Ghost (Mp3)
Starling Electric - Black Ghost/Black Girl (Mp3)
The Longpigs - Over Our Bodies (Mp3)