Wednesday, October 29, 2008

TVD's Daily Wax | Prefab Sprout "Jordan: The Comeback"

So, I railed pretty hard against the Pitchfork and Stereogum artists yesterday and I've given it some time since then, ...thought it over, ...allowed cooler heads to prevail ...and well--nothing's changed. In fact, I probably didn't express my disdain enough.

But if you really wanna get ticked off, try heading over to or picking up their dead tree edition. To the Pitchgummer's credit, at least they're TRYING to tap into new talent. The 'Stoners can't even nail that one down and actually let the PitchGum network do all the leg-work to parse the alt-indie school kids. By the time Rolling Stone's got the up-and-clubbers anywhere on their radar, they've been built up and torn down by the same machinery that denounces and picks apart their very success. Maddening.

All of which to say, we've got new feature here at TVD which we call -- oh,... wait...that'd be getting ahead of myself now, wouldn't it?

For now, a bit of good news: Prefab Sprout will release a new album in the early part of next year. The album, the band's first since 2001, has the tentative title 'Let's Change the World With Music - The Blueprint' and will include songs with the working titles 'Let There Be Music', 'God Watch Over You', and 'The Last Of The Great Romantics'. (via Remember The 80's.)

Prefab Sprout - Wild Horses (Mp3)
Prefab Sprout - We Let The Stars Go (Mp3)
Prefab Sprout - Paris Smith (Mp3)
Prefab Sprout - The Wedding March (Mp3)
Prefab Sprout - Doo Wop In Harlem (Mp3)

TVD First Date | ...with Fredrik

"I remember standing in a coffee shop listening to 'Lust for Life' by Iggy Pop when this guy I don't really know comes up to me, kind of provokingly, and says - what the hell is this music about? I answered that I think it has something to do with love or possibly food. He didn't look too impressed by my short analysis and I figured that either he doesn't like me or he's just not a music fan. As it turned out he wasn't all that behind, because a little later when I interrogated him for thoughts on our music he really quickly came up with these three: random animals, adventurous hurricanes, and cream drunk from a straw. Given he had only heard the album once or twice, I think that's a pretty colorful description. The one thing I wish he had included is the word 'wood'. Especially in its Finnish version - 'puu'. Well, some things are better left unsaid, I guess." -Fredrik Hultin

Fredrik - Black Fur (Mp3)
Fredrik - 1986 (Mp3)

Fredrik - 1986 from The Kora Records on Vimeo.