Tuesday, October 26, 2010

TVD Takeover Week | Diego Garcia

It's Day #2 with our guest for the week, Diego Garcia:

The Education of Diego | Part 2:
“Elefant RIP 2001-2010, Mother Fuckers, and Matisse”

The vulnerability and sincerity in a song like “Plastic Jesus” combined with my best attempt to sing led to Elefant and our debut album, Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid.

I'll never forget hearing playback of my first vocal take to “Tonight Let's Dance.”

Or getting high from the hours spent on singing “Love.”

The bridge on “Sunlight.”

The past is a blur…


When I think of Elefant, this is the record I identify with the most. And for those of you who care, we have 2 more in the vault I hope eventually see the light of day.

Before moving on, I'll leave you with a video a fan made for the song “Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid” cut to the footage of one of my favorite movies in the last few years “Let The Right One In.”

I guess one can say that we were ahead of our time in regards to the whole vampire thing.

I thought I would add that Bowie’s Honky Dory album as my favorite record of his… why? Because were just getting to know each other and these kind of things are important.

Go and listen to “Kooks” if you have any questions.

And one cannot leave out the self titled The Stooges debut when getting to know each other…

I had a cigarette with Scott Asheton, drummer for The Stooges, a few months ago in Los Angeles. I told him how covering the Stooges got me started. His reply: “Me too.”

Back to NYC. Back to where I am now. Staring out of my bedroom window as I take a break from writing this.

This quote I saw while visiting the Matisse exhibit at the MOMA comes to mind: “When you have achieved what you want in a certain area, when you have exploited the possibilities that lie in one direction, you must, when the time comes, change course, search for something new.”

I'll get into this tomorrow, but before I go, I'll leave you with Piero’s Mi Viejo.

An artist I came across on one of my many trips to Argentina.

Released in 66, I believe.

This record took my hand and led me to where I am now, the eve of my debut record as Diego Garcia…