Thursday, October 4, 2007

TVD (Doubly) Recommends

Well, this and red wine.

Bookshop Casanova

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The Clientele - Reflections After Jane

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TVD's Morning Wax

So, I'm over at Som Records last weekend and I finally purchase the (not so) new Clientele LP, "God Save the Clientele." (A sublime album by the way -- a band firing on all cylinders...) More interesting is the sticker top right on the LP which reads "FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD - As a special bonus for vinyl fans who are also digitally inclined, we are offering a free download of the entire album with purchase of this LP. DETAILS AND COUPON INSIDE." Nice, huh? What a way to slide vinyl back into the semi-mainstream by not slapping the hand of those who wish to have the 12" AND the music on their iPod. (Obvious innovation here along the lines of the Radiohead surprise download/LP package release this week.) Kudos go to Merge Records for this forward innovation (while clearly harking back to the Vinyl Days.) Swell packaging too...

The Clientele - Here Comes The Phantom (Mp3)
The Clientele - Isn't Life Strange (Mp3)
The Clientele - From Brighton Beach To Santa Monica (Mp3)
The Clientele - The Queen Of Seville (Mp3)
The Clientele - Bookshop Casanova (Mp3)