Friday, January 22, 2010

TVD Presents a Sockets Records Showcase Week Giveaway!

What would a Sockets Records Showcase Week be without a giveaway of some sort? Well, that'd be a half-assed week folks, and since we're not up to any half-assery around here—we've got an opportunity to win a pair of tickets for Friday's Black Cat Sockets live showcase.

And some vinyl...

We'll have three winners for our Sockets Giveaway: the grand prize winner will get a pair of tickets to attend Friday's showcase on us, plus a vinyl copy of Hume's 'The Phat Daughter String Quartet' on vinyl. Two runners-up will receive the vinyl alone.

The drill is the same as it always is—get at us in the comments to this post (with some contact info!) and plead your case for either the tickets and the vinyl or the vinyl alone. Make 'em good—we're closing this one by noon on Friday, 1/22!


collin crowe said...

i demand the record and the 2 tickets. my name is collin crowe, and i won't lie i am in a band that playing the show but seeing as though no one else left anything in the comments. i hope that doesnt disqualify me. i'll totally go for this because
1. i love hume, britt and wilson are my cosmic brothers. and honestly still don't have their record (wtf sean!)
2. it's both kriston capps and lana labermeier's birthday this saturday and theyre the greatest people living right now.
i don't have any guestspots for them and wanna hook them up.
if i qualify, and even win....
or if i win and EVEN qualify...
email me at

handbanana888 said...

I figure I'll throw my hat(once blue now faded grey baseball cap) into the ring. I won't be able to make the show, but it'd be nice to snag that vinyl. New free music is good music, right? Besides, who could say no to a cover like that? Surely, not I.

Hit me up at geneprice2005 at hotmail dot com. Thanks.

Scott said...

I'd really like the vinyl, please. I promise to treat it well & play it loud.

I'd go for the tickets too, but I'm not sure if I can make the show so if there's somebody who's sure to make it they should have them.

Thanks a million for the coverage this week. I've learned a ton about Socket records!

someone said...

Well I wont demand anything,I will plead. I have a wife, one year old daughter and a house payment which means my record collection isn't getting as big as it use to. I think the record looks amazing and would love to hear it at home. I ask only for the vinyl.