Thursday, October 30, 2008

TVD's Daily Wax | Aztec Camera "High Land, Hard Rain"

I imagine that however long this blog exists, this record will make an appearance in the heart of the Fall each year. This LP, from another jaunt with my dad to the Record World in Seaview Square Mall (a store I'd ultimately work in, actually) typifies what I was referencing earlier in the week--that subconscious seasonal soundtrack.

In my mind, the trees shed their leaves to "Oblivious" just as it was when this, "airy yet somehow lush (LP) filled with lovely melodies and thoughtful, impressionistic lyrics" (as Trouser Press noted) made its imprint for the first time. From "We Could Send Letters" to now "We Could Send Emails," its timelessness is near impenetrable.

...AND will outlive anything currently on the front pages of both Pitchfork and Stereogum this morning. (Sorry - couldn't resist..!)

Aztec Camera - Oblivious (Mp3)
Aztec Camera - We Could Send Letters (Mp3)
Aztec Camera - Lost Outside The Tunnel (Mp3)
Aztec Camera - Back On Board (Mp3)
Aztec Camera - Orchid Girl (Mp3)

Queen to re-release entire catalog on vinyl

Queen have announced that they will re-release all of their studio albums on vinyl over the next two years. The album packaging will feature original album details as well as bonus posters and pictures. This will be the first time all of Queen's albums will be available on vinyl. The Hollywood Records re-releases will span the band's career, from their 1973 debut self-titled album with singer Freddie Mercury to 2008's 'Cosmos Rocks', featuring Paul Rodgers on vocals.

Hollywood Records will release a new "wave" of records every six months. “The First Wave” consists of 'A Night At The Opera', 'A Day At the Races', 'Sheer Heart Attack', 'Queen' and 'The Cosmos Rocks'. “The Second Wave” will be available in spring 2009 and includes an edition of the rare gold-foil stamped 'Queen' album, 'Flash Gordon', 'News Of The World', 'A Kind of Magic' and 'Innuendo'.

Meanwhile, the band have announced that their concert film 'Queen + Paul Rodgers: Let the Cosmos Rock' will screen in 425 cinemas across the US on November 6. The film features footage from their recent free concert in Kharkov, Ukraine’s Freedom Square, which drew a record audience of more than 350,000. For tickets and additional information, visit (Via NME.)