Thursday, April 16, 2009

TVD's Angry Old Man

Mr. H put his finger right on an underlying point in the comments to yesterday's rant...bands like The Clash and even INXS are now lumped into the ‘classic rock’ category on the radio dial. You’ll see their videos NOT on MTV or VH1, but on VH1 Classic.

Record stores haven’t bought into this yet—you’ll still see The Clash and The Ramones and The Pistols in the Punk section and INXS in the ‘80’s section, but radio sees things differently these days in an effort to widen the scope and broaden the appeal of its sonic spot on the airwaves. If I’m a program director, carving a new niche from three makes fine sense in these fragmented times.

So, if I cast off ‘indie’ as did oh so casually yesterday—what am I now, a classic rock fan? JUST a rock fan? And what of the gray areas in between?

See, I’m certainly not an ‘alt rock’ listener. Or a ‘modern rock’ clod. Or a ‘prog rock’, you get the point.

Is THAT to be my lot then...just...'rawk?’

And what of these tracks? What 'category' do these artists fall under? (Think class project...)

Elliott Smith - I Didn't Understand (Mp3)
The Bathers - Twenty-Two (Mp3)
Bee and Flower - Don't Say Don't Worry (Mp3)
David Sylvian - Wave (Live) (Mp3)
The Blue Nile - Stay Close (Mp3)

(Another thing while I’m at it—to some of my friends on Facebook—bad call to out yourself as a Nickelback fan or a Creed fan. I mean, what I wouldn’t give for a ‘f-ing DOESN’T LIKE’ feature option.

Just keep that to yourself, emm kay?)