Thursday, March 19, 2009

TVD Victory Lap | Joe Jackson

A number of months back I mentioned here that there isn’t a time in memory for me (being of a certain age) that Paul McCartney hasn’t been around making music. You can have your opinions as to a specific Macca era and its merits, but nonetheless, he’s always been THERE.

It’s almost the same for me with Mr. Jackson. Starting with his very first LP, I’ve gone along for the ride through each and every genre he’s investigated—and Joe’s hit ‘em all. I was going to suggest for a moment that he hasn’t written for the stage in any incarnation, but a visit to his website reveals that’s he’s hard at work on "Stoker," which if memory serves me correctly, is a musical based loosely on the life of ‘Dracula’ author, Bram Stoker. Genres fully covered, it seems.

Twenty-two (diverse) LPs, one well-deserved victory lap...

Joe Jackson - One To One (Live) (Mp3)
Joe Jackson - Beat Crazy (Mp3)
Joe Jackson - I'm The Man (Mp3)
Joe Jackson - Mad At You (Mp3)
Joe Jackson - It's Different For Girls (Mp3)
Joe Jackson - Happy Ending (Mp3)
Joe Jackson - Cancer (Live) (Mp3)
Joe Jackson - King Pleasure Time (Mp3)