Wednesday, April 16, 2008

TVD's Daily Wax | Spacehog "The Chinese Album"

Oh, that Ira Robbins over at Trouser Press: " Pointedly copping melodies, guitar sound, vocals and a stylistic posture from glam-era David Bowie may be an odd choice two decades on, but it isn't intrinsically any more despicable than the usual pilferage that goes on in the rock world. If Spacehog — two brothers and two others from Leeds who emigrated to New York City before launching their miserable career — had a second idea of any merit, the group might be excused for such lightfingered designs...unmitigated rubbish, stupid and obvious."


Spacehog - Lucy's Shoe (Mp3)
Spacehog - Sand In Your Eyes (Mp3)
Spacehog - Carry On (Mp3)
Spacehog - Captain Freeman (Mp3)
Spacehog - Beautiful Girl (Mp3)