Friday, October 29, 2010

TVD's Idelic Hour with Jon Sidel

Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

Alas Halloween is here. As far back as I can remember it’s been my favorite of all holidays. From a rocker’s perspective, it’s hard to find fault with any of the festivities going on this weekend. Dia De Los Muertos (aka Day of the Dead) is Saturday and that's an Angelino highlight. We’ll be sure to party on more than a few graves.

My goal for Idelic's “boo!!” was to create a Halloween mix you can cruise the strip to. While compiling this show some spooky things came to mind—DJ sets at Cramps shows from Tim Warren of Crypt Records. His playlists were spellbinding and inspired me to dig deep for weird and spooky sounds of the past.

I’ve always also dug those rock personas who embraced Halloween as an everyday way of life. Certainly Screaming Lord Sutch, Glenn Danzig, Siouxsie Sioux, Dave Vanian, Lux Interior & Poison Ivy come to mind as dedicated “24-7 ghouls”

So pop this mix in the car stereo and let’s celebrate “Ghoul’s Night Out” on The Idelic Hour. “Boo!!”

The Idelic Hit of the Week:

xosidealer | @sidelic

TVD Takeover Week | Diego Garcia

Our week with Diego Garcia draws to a close...

The Education of Diego | Part 5:
“Iggy, Julio, and Separate Lives….”

Iggy Pop released the album Preliminaries in 2009. An album he sang in French in which he “after 40 years, could finally release his inter-continental.”

He goes on to say he could try to write and record something like “Search and Destroy” but it wouldn’t be as good.

I’m no Iggy Pop my friends, but I can relate…

I just couldn’t wait 40 years to make this album.

My new record is done….

The Girls Are Yours

Nine songs on the malady of love.

Before I wrap up, I'll leave you with a a few clips:

One from a young Julio Iglesias.

It’s a recording of his song “Gwendolyne” for the Eurovision song contest that broke his career back in 1970. Three years later he would be world famous.

It shows a side of Julio I’m sure many of you have never seen. One in which he is still vulnerable. In which he is very much “there.”

Before the tux and the tan.

And a live video for my song “Separate Lives” shot a few months back on the rooftop of the Standard Hotel, Los Angeles.

The song deals with an old story that everyone has lived….

It's direct.

I love you. You love me. We were one.

And then, as it always does, life separates the two lovers…

Expect the new album early next year..

I'm sure well see each other soon.

All the love,


TVD Recommends | The DC Rollergirls' Garage/Soul Halloween Party

Is it me or are there a million things to do this Halloween weekend? From rallies to marathons to live shows, there's no excuse to not be hyper-social over the next 48. And we're going to toss another into your weekend mix: The DCRoller Girls Present The Garage/Soul Halloween Party!

The Blackberry Belles' Tony Ferrari offers a subtle arm twist by way of background on the night:

This Saturday, October 30th, The DC Rollergirls are hosting a Garage/Soul Halloween Party at the Rock and Roll Hotel featuring Billy Woodward and The Senders, The Blackberry Belles, The Dirty Names, The Dupont Circles, and DJ MAC spinning to keep the party moving. There will be a costume contest with $50 - 3rd place - bar tab, $100 - 2nd place - bar tab, and $200 - 1st place - bar tab. Plus, the DC Rollergirls will also contribute prizes for the costume contest!!!

DCRoller Girls Present The Garage/Soul Halloween Party!
Saturday, October 30th | Doors at 8PM bands at 9PM | ALL AGES $10.00 | The Rock and Roll Hotel | 1353 H St NE DC

First up are The Dupont Circles. Shrouded in mystery, the seldom seen psychedelic garage pop outfit has been lurking about the District since 1988.

The Dirty Names take the stage next conjuring the dark art of pure rock and roll.

Light as a feather, stiff as a board, The Blackberry Belles go bump in the night.

And finally, with the voice of an angel damned to sing the devil's music, Billy Woodward and The Senders will put a spell on you.

Won't you join us? We have such sights to show you...

WE'VE GOT A PAIR OF TICKETS TO POUT IN YOUR HANDS! Scare our skates off in the comments to this post and the most frightening of the bunch will get in free on us and the DC Roller Girls. Remember to leave us a contact email address too - boo!

The Dupont Circles - Sarah the Weather Girl (Mp3)
The Dirty Names - Cadillac (The Way She Goes) (Mp3)
The Blackberry Belles - Love Me Not (Mp3)
Billy Woodward and the Senders - The One (Mp3)
All approved for download!

TVD Live Tease | Yeah Gates' Spooktacular


You've attended them. You've been witness to musical meltdowns and horrific evenings. Yet, from the audience, you've been just a spectator.

The bands playing Yeah Gates' 'Spooktacular' on Sunday night at the Black Cat—America Hearts, The Cheniers, and Foul Swoops—have their own frightening tales to tell. Of their own on-stage nightmares. The shows that went hideously wrong. The gigs they'd never, ever want to relive.

These are their stories.

Foul Swoops, who celebrate the release of a new 7" on All Hallows Eve (along with America Hearts) share their Tales of the Macabre:

Dear Vinyl District,

“Are you afraid of the homeless men who occasionally ask you for cigarettes outside of Velvet Lounge?”

That’s probably the question we should have been asked, because to be honest, in the 12-15 shows we’ve played as a band, that’s about as bad as it's ever got.

Also, the answer is no. At this point those guys make up a good majority of our fanbase.

Maybe someday one of us will be Dimebag Daryl’d but until then this is the best we got…

We did play a really spooky show in Boston last Halloween. Spooky almost entirely because it took place on Halloween. Here are some details of the horror:

Boogers: That was our costume and yeah we even slacked on that.

Microphones: Like most young/poor bands we have shitty equipment and our mics will shock you. Don’t think for a second that they won’t.

Four Loko vomit: Luckily this didn’t come from any of the Swoops. Scary to see in person nonetheless.

Burger King: 4 band members. 4x. 1 weekend. Scared yet?

Metal band: When we showed up to my friends house there was a metal band practicing right next door. They seemed pretty bad ass.

Cops: Neighbors called the cops twice during our show saying they were “afraid of the noises coming from the basement” We’re pretty sure it was the Metal band that called.

Andy Warhol/uninterested audience: We’re not sure everyone who attended the show was fully aware what we were all about. Even the dude who dressed as Andy Warhol didn’t really dig our VU cover. At one point one of us asked the audience if anyone liked Beat Happening and one dude yelled back “Probably not.” After we played there was Girl Talk dance party.

Inhaling old kitty litter: No, this doesn’t actually get you high, but we’re pretty sure multiple years have been taken off our lives as a result of playing in what was essentially a litter box.

Stalker: Two of our members got one. To finally get her out of the house she was convinced they were all about to go get breakfast at 6am. She walked outside first. They closed the door.