Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Vinyl District Recommends: Bee and Flower

Essentially an outlet for San-Francisco born singer-songwriter Dana Schechter, Bee and Flower specialize in slow and moody cinematic pop, not so far from where Portishead once made their mark. As a vocalist, Schechter is all cool restraint, while lyrically her world is full of loss and longing, of tentative hellos and drawn-out goodbyes. Recorded in Berlin with a 25-piece string section adding a grandiose swell to the piano-based heartache... their effect is dreamily soothing, and really rather moreish. (Peter Kane, Q Magazine, UK, April 2007)
Their new CD "Last Sight of Land" is available here.
Don't Say Don't Worry
I Know Your Name
Riding on Empty