Friday, June 4, 2010

TVD's The Idelic Hour with Jon Sidel

We're closing up shop a little bit early this week in celebration of another full revolution around the sun on my part. That's right - it's my birthday, so blogging be damned. We leave you in the ultra-capable hands of our friend Jon Sidel. See ya back here next week. —Ed.

Idelic Hour remembers NOMAG | Greetings from Laurel Canyon...

Sometimes, perched high above the Sunset Strip, I forget there is anything such as LA Culture. I would argue the best Hollywood culture often comes from what I call “misinterpretation.” You see, we Californians think we know what’s “going on” in art, music and fashion, but it's bullshit—we don’t. Our sensibilities are kooky, often not knowing the difference between the comic and the tragic. Here we tend to grind culture into mulch. LA culture at it's best is when, out of this garbage, California flowers grow.

Such was the case with Punk rock. Just when the scene died in both New York and London at the end of the 70’s, a new sensibility emerged out of LA and San Francisco. This week Reserve LA is exhibiting a series of photographs from a Bruce Kalberg the publisher and chief creative force behind NOMAG, the inspiration for this week’s Idelic Hour playlist. We asked Bruce to make a list of songs and fingered through a few NOMAG issues. We went from there, so check it for yourself...

...and check out some virtual issues of NOMAG here, here, and here.

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The Idelic Hour [6/4/2010] (Mp3, 86Mg)