Friday, November 7, 2008

TVD's Parting Shots

This week we catch up with TVD's very first 'First Date', Los Angeles singer/songwriter/siren Leerone, who clues us into what's spinning on her turntable these days:

Strange Brew
Some things are hard to define. You know that moment, when something you see or hear for example, stops you in your tracks and you’re just taken? Transfixed? And you can’t really explain why but you know that you’ve been touched by something outside of yourself? I love those moments. The following songs had that very affect on me. Well, that’s not entirely true. Some of the tracks merely tickled my musical taste buds. Regardless, they all have a special place in my sonic library and have been among my recent listens.

Beyoncé - Work It Out (Radio Edit) (Mp3)
If James Brown was a woman, this is what it would sound like.

Helena Espvall - Barbry Ellen (Mp3)
Something about their harmonies just gets me!

The Physics Of Meaning - Why Can't We Fall In Love Forever?
(Anything Is Possible) (Mp3)

Their name alone is fantastic. The fact that the lead singer is also a violinist is even more fantastic. This band was a wonderful CMJ 2008 discovery. See my blog for more details.

Fiona Apple - Sally's Song (Mp3)
A brilliant combination, Ms. Apple and Danny Elfman! What a treat!!

Glasser - Apply (Mp3)
She performs with an interpretive dance troupe, need I say more?

Leerone - Empty Houses (Mp3)
Yes, a shout out to myself. This song doesn’t get as much love as I think it deserves. It’s like the well known archetype: the pretty girl in high school who wears glasses and is a book worm and no one notices her but when they do...

Joanna Newsom - Colleen (Mp3)
I think this song is weird and I love it.

Pentangle - Light Fight (Theme from Take Three Girls) (Mp3)
C’mon, psychedelic folk, that’s hot.

Mississippi and Louisiana State Penitentiaries Prisoners - No More, My Lawd (Mp3)
My favorite kind of music ever, spirituals, blues in its rawest form.

Goldfrapp - Clowns (Mp3)
Sometimes I listen to this song on repeat.

TVD Recommends | Sad Crocodile @ Iota

Join TVD this Monday (11/10) when our pal and previous 'First Date' John Foster aka Sad Crocodile joins Quote and Sean McArdle for a wee bit of music making at Iota. Sure, it's late notice and in truth John had packed up for the winter after recording but just couldn't say no come on out for what should be a wonderful night.

Sad Crocodile - When The Sun Goes Down (Mp3)

TVD | Friday @ Random

Those readers with a sharp eye will recall seeing this cover in the past and note that I've been slipping in L.E.O. tracks wherever possible. Simply put, this is one of the finest releases I've heard in some time AND bolsters Angry Old Man Rule #3: Quit ripping off the '80's and go about ripping off the '70's!

In this scenario, the overarching influence is E.L.O., but L.E.O. (get it?) aren't merely ripping off Jeff Lynne's stylistics and production nuances, just merely incorporating them as their own in a (semi-)modern context and writing entirely new music that feels as familiar as an LP whose grooves are worn beyond warmth.

Not Lame's blog had some background a little while back, "Among the collaborators assembled here as L.E.O. are vocalist Andy Sturmer, from nineties power pop-icon Jellyfish; singer-guitarist Mike Viola, formerly of the Candy Butchers and co-writer of the Oscar-nominated movie theme "That Thing You Do!"; multi-platinum producer John Fields; Papas Fritas founder/producer Tony Goddess; Matt Mahaffey of the acclaimed one-man-band Self; Jason Scheff, vocalist and bassist for the legendary band Chicago; singer-songwriter Paula Kelley; Black Crowes drummer Steve Gorman; and even the Hanson brothers. This wildly eclectic crew was brought together by Boston pop auteur Bleu (William James McAuley III), who whimsically decided to embark on this unique project four years ago and managed to cajole his many far-flung pals to join him for the ride."

L.E.O. - Goodbye Innocence (Mp3)
L.E.O. - Ya Had Me Goin' (Mp3)
L.E.O. - Distracted (Mp3)
L.E.O. - Nothin' Will Ever Change (Mp3)
L.E.O. - Sukaz Are Born Every Minute (Mp3)