Tuesday, June 9, 2009

TVD On Your Radio

Back in the early days of the internet when it was all new and poorly designed, I became enamored for some reason with poems.com. “How novel,” I thought at the time. A new poem each and every single day. And many were not poetry for poetry’s sake, but damn fine insightful musings on our inner workings and our silent selves.

It’s no longer on the site, but it featured what can only be thought of as a mission statement of sorts, “The desire to tie a poem down to a chair and extract meaning diminishes when poetry arrives each day.” (I hope I recalled that correctly...)

Back when this blog was young and fairly new, the same sentiment existed via the daily, morning feature, “TVD’s Morning Wax” which then became “TVD’s Daily Wax” when mornings became too tough to pull off after a while.

“Cube-broadcasts” I’d think to myself with the hopes that worker-drone, cube-bound, toes were tapping as a ritual each morning. No inner meanings to be extracted, no BIG PICTURE needed to be defined. Just the simplicity and odd comfort of something arriving each morning presenting itself for nothing more than simple pleasure and quiet enjoyment.

As simple as turning on the radio each morning.

Perhapst - Aren't You Glowing (Mp3)
Jenny Owen Youngs - If I Didn't Know (Mp3)
David Vandervelde - Someone Like You (Mp3)
The Replacements - All Shook Down (Mp3)
Grant Lee Buffalo - Fuzzy (Mp3)