Thursday, December 3, 2009

TVD's Rate That Record

You can tell when a bit’s falling flat usually by this one is.

I tell ya, the vinyl collectors and the blog frequenters are one quiet bunch. Hundreds and hundreds of these ‘Rate That Record’ downloads later—nary a peep in response. I don’t get it...

Perhaps I need to snap some pictures of my meal at some local hot spot. Shoot some kissy face photos or better yet photograph ‘The Door of the Day.’ Whee. Or ponder the nature of the struggling transit system. Or discuss PMS and shoes. That – THAT will engender comments, feedback, dialogue...

The completist I am, this feature runs the full week.

Silence be damned.

Beloved Rogue - Daysleeping (Mp3)
Beloved Rogue - Capital Sense (Mp3)
Feral Children - On A Frozen Beach (Mp3)
Matt Morris - Just Before The Morning (Mp3)
Langhorne Slim - Say Yes (Mp3)

It's a TVD Fall Vinyl Giveaway | Derek Webb 'Stockholm Syndrome'

You’ve got to hand it to Derek Webb—an artist who’s emerged from a career based initially in contemporary religious music, to an artist willing to ask tough questions of himself and his faith, which has ultimately produced ‘Stockholm Syndrome,’ an LP which moves him squarely into the electro-indie mainstream.

I’m always wary of genre and identity hopping to be fair, but ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ succeeds on its own merits, devoid of religious overtones, yet thoughtful, atmospheric, and actually damn catchy.

And wouldn’t you know it, we’ve got one to give away in all of its double-LP, 180 gram glory. Make your case in the comments to this post (with contact info – important!) and we’ll choose one winner to be mailed the record by noon on Friday (12/4.)

Derek Webb - What Matters More (Mp3)