Wednesday, January 21, 2009

TVD First Date With | Pride Tiger

It's safe to say that the Pride Tiger LP 'The Lucky Ones' was on super heavy rotation all throughout last year AND it's safe to say these guys have a love for Thin Lizzy that's pretty damn apparent. So, there's no better week when we're going through the Lizzy back catalog to get the boys back on the blog and on the record - about records. We caught up with Bob Froese, PT guitarist for his take:

"We're really into the community of it all, that's how we started this band, it was a bunch of guys who spent way to much money on vinyl, we're fucking stoked on finding some obscure music from the past, and then wanting to share it. We are also into it for the chase and the catch, its a high when you get your hands on something rare, or for a deal, or in good condition etc. There is gold everywhere you just have to be willing to look. Some would argue, but we feel that music sounds best in this format, and is the way the artist would want you to hear it."

Pride Tiger - Fill Me In (Mp3)
Pride Tiger - The Lucky Ones (Mp3)

TVD Ticket Giveaway | The Dig at The Red and Black, Saturday, January 24th

In a new year when our overarching mantra is 'Just the Good Shit...' TVD's proud to present the first of many giveaways we have lined up for the coming 365: NYC's The Dig, this very Saturday (1/24) at The Red and The Black, appearing with Danni Rosner, House of Echo, and Collider.

The Dig have recently opened up for Longwave in New York City at the Bowery Ball Room, for Little Joy (Fabrizio Moretti from the Strokes) at Maxwells in Hoboken, NJ, and Girl Talk at Trinity College in CT. They were also filmed live on Fox 5's Fearless Music Television and they'll be airing the band throughout the year. They've spent time in the studio with Bryce Goggin (Pavement, The Breeders, Ramones) behind the board, and now they make their way down south to DC this Saturday night to add some additional hues to The Red and The Black.

TVD's hearing a canny mix of bands such as Spoon, Wilco, Squeeze, and even a little Neil Finn between the groves. Let us know what you're hearing in the comments and we'll choose a winner for a pair of tickets this Friday!

The Dig - She's Going To Kill That Boy (Mp3)
The Dig - Pennitentiary (Mp3)

TVD Weekly Wax | Thin Lizzy

We're still a bit bleary-eyed from the events of the past 24 hours, but Lizzy history and Mp3's await in th' queue. Our correspondent on the internets, Wiki, fills us with facts: ( adding that 's' there at the end of 'internet' passe at this point? Hm.)

"Around March 1971, the band permanently relocated to London, before the release of the unsuccessful "New Day" EP in August. Despite poor sales, Decca agreed to finance the band's second album Shades of a Blue Orphanage, released in March 1972. Like the previous LP, the songs were filled with Lynott's personal anecdotes and references to his life in Dublin and the people he knew there. Musically the style was Celtic, with little warning of the hard rock direction that the band were to take in the future. Again, the album did not chart in the UK.

In mid-1972, Thin Lizzy were asked to record an album of Deep Purple covers, which was released under the title Funky Junction Play a Tribute to Deep Purple. No mention was made of Thin Lizzy on the record. Vocals and keyboards were handled by members of another band, Elmer Fudd, and a few instrumental tracks composed by the band were also included on the album. The album was released in January 1973.

In late 1972, the band embarked upon a high-profile tour of the UK with Slade, who were enjoying a string of hit singles at the time, and Suzi Quatro. Around the same time, Decca decided to release Thin Lizzy's version of a traditional Irish ballad, "Whiskey in the Jar" as a single. The band were angry at the release, feeling that the song did not represent their sound or their image, but the single topped the Irish chart, and reached No.6 in the UK in February 1973, resulting in an appearance on Top of the Pops. It also charted in many countries across Europe. However, the follow-up single, "Randolph's Tango", was a return to Lynott's more obscure work, and it only charted in Ireland.

The band's next album, Vagabonds of the Western World was released in September 1973 to positive reviews, but again failed to chart. The accompanying single "The Rocker" again only charted in Ireland, and the momentum gained from their hit single was lost.

Eric Bell suddenly left the band on New Year's Eve 1973 after a gig at Queen's University Belfast, due to increasing ill-health and disillusionment with the music industry, and young ex-Skid Row guitarist Gary Moore was recruited to help finish the tour. Moore only lasted until April 1974, but the band recorded three songs with him, including the version
of "Still in Love With You" that was included on the fourth album Nightlife."

Thin Lizzy - The Rocker (Mp3)
Thin Lizzy - Vagabond Of The Western World (Mp3)
Thin Lizzy - Little Girl In Bloom (Mp3)
Thin Lizzy - Gonna Creep Up On You (Mp3)
Thin Lizzy - Whiskey In The Jar [Full Length Version] (Mp3)