Monday, November 17, 2008

TVD's Daily Wax | The Reposts | Del Amitri "Del Amitri"

I was tooling around some of the other blogs over the weekend that I consider to be in TVD's extended family of blogs and was surprised at the number of comments each post tends to receive. TVD gets its fair share of feedback from the readership, so I'm not griping. But we also get our fair share of direct correspondence from all corners of the globe and they tend to read, "Hey, can you repost such-and-such?" or sometimes just flat out, "Hey, please send me the Mp3 of such-and-such". Really--people write to request I just send them things no questions asked. Weird, huh?

So--new TVD Policy: we WILL from time to time repost things...just leave a comment at the pertinent post with the expired links and we'll designate a theme week where we'll get to all of 'em at once. Like THIS week where we'll get to the backlog of requests and spend some time revisiting the records most often requested for reposting... this one from last Fall--Del Amitri's winning debut before they went all obvious on us and where their wordiness was indeed a charm:

Deceive Yourself (In Ignorant Heaven)
The world
And the surrounding stars
Might change completely in the space of an hour
But not an eclipse of the sky nor a colliding car
Will turn me back now that I've come this far.
Not a shotgun blast nor a shooting star
Will bring her down from her stubborn tower.

Its a kind of madness, its a kind of sin
To live in the state of mind I've been living in
Her face imprinted on my sight
Her voice resounding in my skull at night.
If there is a living goddess on earth
It must be her from the heaven highlife
It takes this girl to realise what you're worth
And I'm worth nothing if she's worth more than my life.

But there's more to me than simple devotion
I wont just crawl at her feet and utter a plea
And if she refused I wouldn't walk into the ocean
Just because my world was left all out at sea.

So it was in this cafe when we eventually met
And I wished I had sunglasses and smoked cigarettes

The world
And the surrounding stars
They change completely in the space of an hour
When over the table and two cups of tea
She told me she felt the same way about me.
And not an eclipse of the sky nor a colliding car
Could have shaken our attention from each others face
As we both stepped down from our stubborn towers
We jump into the ignorant heaven that is the lovers place.

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