Wednesday, May 7, 2008

TVD Free Tix: New York Times/Koko/Nerd Parade

Update: We have a winner!

NYC's New York Times lands on DC's doorstep this Saturday night (5/10) and we've got two tickets to see them along with Koko and Nerd Parade at the Velvet Lounge. Tell us why it's YOU and a guest who should be front and center in the comments section (or via email) and the band themselves will choose the lucky recipient of the free tix. New York Times hold an MFA, a Screen Actor's Guild Card, a Congressional Press Pass, and have illustrated comics for Dark Horse and DC Comics. They are one artist, one reporter, one poet, and one make it convincing. AND bring your art degree.

New York Times - Burn (Mp3)
New York Times - Gotta Know You (Mp3)
New York Times - Monster Eyes (Mp3)

TVD's Daily Wax | Led Zeppelin "Physical Graffiti"

Not unlike the gorgeous sunny day that is May 7, 2008 in Washington, DC, there came to pass a very similar day at the Jersey Shore back in 1985 when it seemed like a damn fine idea to ditch school, head to my pal Noel's house, and drink whiskey all morning long. Nothing like being three sheets to the wind, as my dad used to say, at 10 AM. Soon the word spread and a bunch of others followed and a rather impromptu and er, ...spirited day was had. One guy who ditched school that morning with us was Eric, who for some reason was called "Ebo" (pronounced 'e-bow'.) So, 'Down By The Seaside' from this Zep LP comes on, and at the point where Plant sings ' the people turned away' -- we all sang 'Ebo turned away/ Ebo turned away' waving shots of Jack Daniels in the air. F'n brilliant, right? Turns out, I can't hear the song differently all these years on. And now you can't.

Once I stood in front of this exact building at 96 and 98 St. Mark's Place in New York City. Talk about surreal contact high.

Led Zeppelin - In My Time Of Dying (Mp3)
Led Zeppelin - Kashmir (Mp3)
Led Zeppelin - In The Light (Mp3)
Led Zeppelin - Down By The Seaside (Mp3)
Led Zeppelin - Bron-Yr-Aur (Mp3)