Monday, December 28, 2009

TVD | Regifted (It's a contest actually.)

Here at TVD HQ, we're the happy recipients of a lot of good will arriving via the mail each day. Like, a lot of good will ...from bands, PR folks, labels, etc. SO much good will that we're passing on the you.

Typically a record or CD arrives, we preview, burn the suggested tracks, and more often than not, post for you guys to download and spread like a healthy dose of H1N1.

But there's only so much room. So, in an effort to actually see the floor once more, during this shortened holiday week, we're offering the overflow in a series of giveaways.

Giveaway #1: Despite being The Vinyl District, we get a shit ton of CDs. I'm looking at a random stack of perhaps 15-20, all 2009 releases, that we're willing to just give to ya. Go ahead - take 'em. Just take 'em. And they're not crap either—easily major label, indie releases.

So, get at us in the comments to this post as to why these CDs should come home with you and these aging dinosaurs, er...CDs...can be yours. We'll choose our winner on Thursday, 12/31 by noon.

One catch however: the winner can come from any corner of the globe, but the aforementioned winner has to pick up his or her CDs at TVD HQ located in the heart of downtown DC. (Really, have you seen the lines at the post office this time of year?)

Two more to come over the following days...

Gang of Four - Return The Gift (Mp3)
Aztec Camera with Mick Jones - Consolation Prize (Mp3)
Vanilla Swingers - Back To The Present (Mp3)
New Model Army - The Prize (Mp3)
The Wedding Present - Montreal (Mp3)