Thursday, July 31, 2008

TVD's Daily Wax | Danny Wilson "Meet Danny Wilson"

One of my favorite records of all time just so happens to fall under the post '85 release category we're discussing this week--1987, to be exact. Unfairly lumped together with such middling acts as Curiosity Killed The Cat or Matt Bianco, Danny Wilson was light-years beyond their 'peers' in every category. Sounding like Steely Dan (Hi Davy) channeling Bowie, yet retaining a truly unique sense of timelessness (remember that word there...) "Meet..." is an astonishing and thoroughly rewarding debut. And uh, Gary Clark--one of the best vocalists ever?

Danny Wilson - Aberdeen (Mp3)
Danny Wilson - Five Friendly Aliens (Mp3)
Danny Wilson - Girl I Used To Know (Mp3)
Danny Wilson - Mary's Prayer (Mp3)
Danny Wilson - You Remain An Angel (Mp3)

I'd like to throw a little love back to Turntabling who tossed some affection our way with this post yesterday. Fans of this blog will certainly find plenty to enjoy over at Joe's place. Cheers!