Tuesday, October 30, 2007

TVD's Morning Wax

I know Halloween's coming but really, no - I'm not trying to scare you with this morning's wax. (Wack?) Never really cared for Frankie as they were trotting out the singles..."Relax", "Two Tribes"...I mean, I guess. Sure it was exciting with the T-shirts and all and that guy in the leather who just dances there, pre-Bez. But musically? Not for me. UNTIL the release of the 2-LP "Welcome to the Pleasure Dome." The local radio station was hyping the release BIG TIME and upon its arrival, they played the LP from beginning to end. I tuned in as they we're getting to side three (AFTER the singles) and heard a BAND and not JUST a Trevor Horn production. The originals...the covers (Springsteen?) ...the lunacy - it just clicked. It was the soundtrack for Fall into Winter, 1984. Raking leaves. The sound of trains in the distance. A sort of sweet solitude. I was 17. And as the swell of "Mersey" slides in (here's listed as "Tag") I am again. (Whoops - gotta run to a meeting now that I'm, uh - 40.)

"Liiife goes on day after day after day after day..."

FGTH - Fury (Mp3)
FGTH - (Tag) (Mp3)
FGTH - San Jose (Mp3)
FGTH - Krisco Kisses (Mp3)
FGTH - Black Night White Light (Mp3)
FGTH - The Ballad Of 32 (Mp3)
FGTH - The Power Of Love (Mp3) (The 12" mix of the song, featuring actor Chris Barrie impersonating DJ Mike Read's banning of the single "Relax" on air.)