Tuesday, February 19, 2008

TVD's Daily Wax | Aztec Camera "Stray"

I was surprised to see on Paul Michel's MySpace page that he considers himself to be a "singer/songwriter." (Or was that "songer singwriter"?) Anyway, it makes sense but that designation seems to be normally reserved for your James Taylors or your Cat Stevenses or even your Gordon Lightfeets who, let's face it, are the suck. So, picking up with yesterday's theme, I thought - hm, are there any "singer/songwriters" I actually DO like -- outside of Paul, of course? (And if you've haven't downloaded his tracks from yesterday by now - get on that.)

First up -- Roddy Frame of Aztec Camera. If it weren't for "Oblivious" I'd be oblivious. But happily that sucked me in and I've been along for the ride ever since. But whether he's working with a Knopfler or a Sakamoto, ostensibly it's just Roddy and his way with a melody and lyric. Oh, and what a voice, huh?

Aztec Camera - Stray (Mp3)
Aztec Camera - Over My Head (Mp3)
Aztec Camera - Notting Hill Blues (Mp3)

Live at Ronnie Scott's 6/23/91
Aztec Camera - Stray (Live) (Mp3)
Aztec Camera - Dolphins (Live) (Mp3)