Wednesday, March 25, 2009

TVD's Eleven Weeks of Record Store Day Vinyl Giveaways | Week 9!

...and it's classic FM radio rock this week with the 180-gram vinyl re-release of ZZ Top's Classic 'Fandango'---equal Texas-sized helpings of live tracks and studio cuts featuring the AOR staple, 'Tush." And if you're looking to deck out your deck, we've got two limited-edition, promotional Led Zeppelin Record Mats to send you as well!

You know the drill by now, right? Grab our attention in the comments (WITH your email address--important!) gushing over TVD's Record Store Day Vinyl Giveaway Week #9 to set yourself up to win both of these classic rock gems. (Or, you can comment and forward your email address in an email to us. We're not picky.) And remember - each entry into our vinyl contest is an automatic entry to win the Stanton T.90 USB turntable on Record Store Day 2009!

Just make it funny. Or make it smart. About record stores. Or Record Store Day. Or vinyl. About us or you. Or something else all together. Just make it before next Monday (3/30) when we'll choose our winner. (AND launch giveaway #10 of 11--where does the time go...?)

TVD Double Date with | Eulogies & Middle Distance Runner

Last week we had not one but two First Dates for your Wednesday, and this week we’ve got our first Double Date as we sit down with both LA’s Eulogies and DC’s very own Middle Distance Runner. (We did mention last week just how irresistible we are, right?)

Even more irresistible is their combined tour this Spring which stops in our area this Saturday night (3/28) over the bridge at Iota. TVD had a chance to catch up with both bands last week and not at all surprisingly found that they too ...are digging on the vinyl.

"i'm not a vinyl junkie, but if i didn't have my vinyl collection i might start using heroin. vinyl for me represents the deepness and grit, the heartache and triumphs of music and the music industry. put on a hendrix or dylan or clash record and you're experiencing it the same way the artist did when it was first recorded and released, the way it's meant to be heard. the old mono recordings are brilliant, too in the way they build a soundscape with one channel. listening to new music on new vinyl is just as great, because it adds a bit of physical reality to digital music. even if it was recorded in a computer, the fact that the music is actually sitting there in those grooves means something energetically and spiritually. also the simple act of putting the needle to the resin (wow that sounds illegal) is a time-honored, ritualistic phenomenon. -Peter Walker, Eulogies

Eulogies - Bad Connection (Mp3)
Eulogies - This Fine Progression (Mp3)

"Vinyl is something we've wanted to have since we started making music. Since I first heard my mom's vinyl collection, I was amazed at how different the experience of listening to music is on vinyl, rather than digital formats.  I couldn't believe that the oldies I knew from the radio actually sounded like that to people for years and years before tape and digital. The idea of our music being given that same treatment was always alluring. When we decided that "The Unbeliever" and "The Wrong Hole" would be the two songs on the 7" vinyl, we knew they'd come across great, as one is a 60s-garage sounding song, and the other is borderline soul.  When we got the vinyls in the mail, we were thrilled to find that they had that extra factor that made our parents' records sound mysterious and far-away.  These songs that we'd heard a million times in the studio sounded brand new. I can't encourage young musicians enough to get at least one release on vinyl." -Stephen Kilroy, Middle Distance Runner

Middle Distance Runner - The Unbeliever (Mp3)

Middle Distance Runner "The Unbeliever" from maxwell sorensen on Vimeo.

TVD On Your Radio

".....So, in Denver, a parrot whose cries of alarm alerted his owner when a little girl choked on her breakfast has been honored as a hero. Willie, a Quaker parrot, has been given the local Red Cross chapter's Animal Lifesaver Award.

In November, Willie's owner, Megan Howard, was baby-sitting for a toddler. Howard left the room and the little girl, Hannah, started to choke on her breakfast. Willie repeatedly yelled "Mama, baby" and flapped his wings, and Howard returned in time to find the girl already turning blue.

Howard saved Hannah by performing the Heimlich maneuver but said Willie "is the real hero."

TVD Radio time--7:48. This is The Lotus Eaters:"

The Lotus Eaters - The First Picture Of You (Mp3)
Friends Again - Sunkissed (Extended Version) (Mp3)
Orange Juice - Intuition Told Me (Mp3)
The Go-Betweens - Finding You (Mp3)
Modern English - Blue Waves (Mp3)

TVD's Record Store Day 2009 Newswire

The Record Store Day 2009 news is coming fast and furious at this point and we're going to do away with witty blog formalities and get right to the info you need:

Nickle Eye – Dying Star 7” Single (Rykodisc)
– Nikolai Fraiture of The Strokes is Nickle Eye
– Single features Wale (Interscope Records) and a Mark Ronson remix

ROIR Records LP Only Label Sampler
– The first cassette only label brings you vinyl at the low low price of $7.98!
– Features Bad Brains, Dub Trio w/ Mike Patton, Flipper, The Dickies, Johnny Thunders, James Chance, Bush Tetras, MC5, The Dictators, etc

Chicha Libre / Dengue Fever Split 7” Single (Barbes Records)
– Modern Psychedelic Cumbias From Peru Vs A Cambodian Pop Rock Psychedelic Dance Party!