Wednesday, January 14, 2009

TVD Weekly Wax | The Replacements

Look me in the eye/Then, tell me that I’m satisfied/Was you satisfied?/Look me in the eye/Then, tell me that I’m satisfied/Hey, are you satisfied?/And it goes so slowly on/Everything I’ve ever wanted/Tell me what’s wrong/Look me in the eye/And tell me that I’m satisfied/Were you satisfied?/Look me in the eye/Then, tell me I’m satisfied/And now are you satisfied?/Everything goes/Well, anything goes all of the time/Everything you dream of/Is right in front of you/And everything is a lie/Look me in the eye/And tell me that I’m satisfied/Look me in the eye/Unsatisfied/I’m so, I’m so unsatisfied/I’m so dissatisfied/I’m so, I’m so unsatisfied/I’m so unsatisfied/Well, I’m-a/I’m so, I’m so unsatisfied/I’m so dissatis,dissattis...I’m so.

The Replacements - I Will Dare (Mp3)
The Replacements - Black Diamond (Mp3)
The Replacements - Unsatisfied (Mp3)
The Replacements - Answering Machine (Mp3)
The Replacements - 20th Century Boy (Mp3)

TVD First Date with | Perhapst

Some things about today's 'First Date' Perhapst that perhaps you didn't know:

John Moen, aka Perhapst, is the former drummer for Elliott Smith and Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks.

John is the current drummer for The Decemberists.

John plays the majority of instruments on the record (and Stephen Malkmus assisted Moen, too.)

The live band consists of: John Moen, Chris Funk (also a current member of The Decemberists), Jonathan Drews (Sunset Valley), and Eric Lovre (Dharma Bums).

"Perhapst" is filled with quirky, catchy, hook-laden indie-pop, experimental folk-rock, and even some twang for flavor, all delivered with a smirk and a smile.

That you'll be a fan in 1,...2,...3:

Perhapst - Quote (Mp3)
Perhapst - Incense Cone (Mp3)
Perhapst - Aren't You Glowing (Mp3)

"I am 40. I prefer vinyl records. I assume it is because I grew up with this format, and the fact that it never failed me, that I will still always purchase my music in this way, given a choice. When recording-it is just part of my vernacular to say that "I am making a new record", or "I am making a new album." I never say "I am making a new CD" or "I am creating an assemblage of songs for download." I salivate when faced with a cruddy old box of LPs and have to be forcibly pulled out of moldy old record stores. The idea that there might be a treasure hidden in a stack of records is more than I can stand. Looking for gems amongst the scratched up Montovani Christmas albums is my favorite hobby.

This passion is not so much about 'analog versus digital' for me, as a matter of fact my stereo is such that practically everything sounds a little crummy. The whole deal is centered more on what I'd call tangibility. When I own a record of music that I love, I can't help but feel that I am more connected to that music. It feels less invisible and in fact, I can read the liner notes without resorting to a magnifying glass. I could probably use new glasses... Whatever the format--I bid you, Happy Listening."