Friday, December 14, 2007

TVD's Weekend Shots...and a new Friday feature:

It's a five Mp3 walk from TVD Home Base to TVD nine-to-fiver -- quite fortunate we are. That said and despite the best of efforts, the iPod's been reduced to a 'Name That Tune' which occurs at merely one or two simple notes in. See, we know 'em all.

Sooo - welcome our new Friday feature. That morning's five will get slapped up on the blog -- then we wanna hear your iPod's five random, shuffled selections to spread the wealth and/or the Mp3's. Feel free to just list them, or if you want to supply a link in the comments section, by all means go for it. Expand our shuffled horizons.

These first ten suffice as your Weekend Shots and serve as a random example of well, randomness.

Joe Jackson - King Pleasure Time...brand new track! (Mp3)
Friends Again - Moon 3 (Mp3)
The Babys - True Love True Confession (Live) (Mp3)
The Replacements - Swingin' Party (Mp3)
Grant Lee Buffalo - Rock Of Ages (Mp3)
The Clientele - Somebody Changed (Mp3)
Eric Matthews - Pair Of Cherry (Mp3)
Gene Simmons - Mr. Make Believe (Mp3)
FGTH - San Jose (Mp3)
Band Aid - Feed The World (Mp3)

TVD's Daily Wax | The Grays "Ro Sham Bo"

Maybe subconsciously I've been trying to convince myself this week that the '90's didn't suck for music -- with some obvious exceptions, of course. I've been surprised to see that much of this week's grabs from the stacks have been mid-90's releases much to my chagrin. I really loathed THEN and STILL despise much of that college/alternative rock that permeated the 90's. (REM - I'm looking right at f'n YOU.) But there were highlights -- the releases from Jellyfish, Suede, Supergrass, Crowded House, Grant Lee Buffalo come to mind, as does yea - Nirvana and reluctantly Oasis. This Grays release, '94's "Ro Sham Bo," brings together Jason Falkner from Jellyfish and LA studio whiz Jon Brion into one hell of a pop group -- produced by Jack Joseph Puig who engineered the two Jellyfish releases (among many others) and who was also behind the board for yesterday's Fabulon LP. Nice stuff here for your Friday...

The Grays - Same Thing (Mp3)
The Grays - Not Long For This World (Mp3)
The Grays - Nothing Between Us (Mp3)
The Grays - No One Can Hurt Me (Mp3)
The Grays - Spooky (Mp3)

And speaking of the '90's -- who did I leave off that quick list? Who merits inclusion to debunk TVD's "The '90's Sucked" ethos?