Wednesday, July 9, 2008

TVD Shuffle Bored | July 9, 2008

I find I tend to drop into the 'royal we' when referring to TVD within the daily posts. I mean, it is ME typing each day, so the 'we' may sound a wee bit put on. But I would be remiss if I didn't mention that well, there are a few folks who do stuff behind the scenes here at TVD HQ. One of them is my good pal JC who spent sometime this past weekend hunkered down in the back end (of the HTML, folks--sheez...) to bring you a visually enhanced TVD. To wit:

Now, despite testing on Mac and Windows among various browsers, I think a few of you may not been seeing John's nifty handiwork. If you're NOT seeing the blog per the image above, please shoot me a note or leave a comment regarding which platform and browser you're using. We'd like to de-bug ya'. (I think there's a cream...?)


The Cars - Misfit Kid.mp3
Tubeway Army - Me, I Disconnect From You.mp3
ABC - Date Stamp.mp3
Kent - The King Is Dead.mp3
Field Music - Working To Work.mp3