Wednesday, September 2, 2009

TVD First Date with | David Mead

Think David would mind if I compared his new release to ‘Blackbird’-era McCartney or Harry Nilsson circa ‘Nilsson Sings Newman’...?

Yea...I didn’t think so either.

The Nashville native also has me planning a trip to his favorite record store:

I love Grimey's. In an age when it is almost impossible to walk out your front door without being targeted by some form of cross-branding, viral marketing or shoe shine schemery, Nashville's finest independent music retailer continues to stick to what it knows best: Music. Sure, you can buy a magazine or a t-shirt to go with your new aural purchase, maybe even a badge or two, but you will most certainly not be subliminally coerced into purchasing a latte, duvet cover or any other useless thread of lifestyle accoutrement.

Grimey's deals in new and used music, and does a damn fine job of it. Music, just music, what a concept. Grimey's augments the experience in a number of different ways. First and foremost, it relies heavily on a knowledgeable and friendly staff, the kind of folks who will not only ask if you require assistance but will also actually tell you something you most likely didn't know before your visit. The atmosphere is further charged by near-weekly in-store performances, reminding the customers that even the most perfectly-recorded music is often best experienced live. Many of the acts who perform in the vinyl section on an afternoon will, later that night, set up shop at the Basement, a great listening club located directly underneath the store.

Grimey's also has a nice sense of space to it, a palpable vibe that is sorely lacking in many chain stores. The exposed brick walls lend a certain warmth that invites a shopper to stay awhile, while the frequent offer of a Miller High Life to age-appropriate customers provides even more incentive. Grimey's is about browsing, about taking in details. It is a place where time, while not standing completely still, does slow down a bit, if only from 45 to 33 RPM's.

David Mead - Rainy Weather Friend (Mp3)
David Mead - Blackberry Winters (Mp3)

TVD | Friday Night...

I’m sort of losing the plot with this theme, I have to confess. Seemed like a good idea last week to riff on Friday nights and their collective unconsciousness...but ah, I’m not feeling it any longer.

But I’m half-way in...there’s no turning back now despite whatever misgivings might arrive tomorrow. Like, uh...Friday nights themselves.

Chet Baker - You Go To My Head (Mp3)
Elliott Smith - Between The Bars (Mp3)
Hefner - The Hymn For The Alcohol (Mp3)
Nico Stai - Like Alcohol (Mp3)
King L - Two Cars Collide (Mp3)