Tuesday, June 24, 2008

TVD's Daily Wax | Classix Nouveaux "Night People"

Trouser Press illuminates, "This quartet of poseurs, led by singer/multi-instrumentalist Sal Solo (whose totally bald pate and permanently serious expression make him resemble a constipated Yul Brynner), uses both synthesizers and regular rock tools (guitar, bass, drums, sax) to turn out talented if shallow dance rock that's utterly pretentious but not unattractive.

Night People (retitled Classix Nouveaux in the US) actually includes a couple of enjoyable tracks ("Guilty" stands out) that are straightforward and melodic enough to be recognizable as songs; the remainder of the record consists of windy instrumentals and foolish sci-fi tales."

So yea, I'm not anticipating a spike in readership this week if anyone asks. But man, did I ever love me some "Guilty" back in the day...the tune and the video.

Classix Nouveaux - Guilty (Mp3)
Classix Nouveaux - Tokyo (Mp3)
Classix Nouveaux - Inside Outside (Mp3)
Classix Nouveaux - Nasty Little Green Men (Mp3)
Classix Nouveaux - The Protector Of Night (Mp3)