Friday, October 23, 2009

TVD's Parting Shots

Two universes mosey down the street
Connected by love and a leash and nothing else.
Mostly I look at lamplight through the leaves
While he mooches along with tail up and snout down,
Getting a secret knowledge through the nose
Almost entirely hidden from my sight.

(The rest is here.)

ABC Radio Mystery Time Theater (1957) - Death Walked In (Mp3)
The Sisters of Mercy - Walk Away (Mp3)
Ravonettes - Aly, Walk With Me (Mp3)
Exile Parade - Fire Walk With Me (Mp3)
Crowded House - Walked Her Way Down (Mp3)
The Room - Things That Have Learnt To Walk That Ought To Crawl (Mp3)
Aztec Camera - Walk Out Yo Winter (Mp3)
Paul McCartney - I Want To Walk You Home (Mp3)
The Ventures - Walk Don't Run (Mp3)
Wilco - Outta Mind (Outta Sight) (Mp3)

TVD First Person Single | The Rest

New feature!
Have a band? Fill us in directly on the meandering ways of a career in the music industry right here. We want the heartbreaking trials and tribulations and the lofty heights as you wend your way through the music making machinery. Because you need to vent, right?

First up, Adam Bentley from our friends to the north, The Rest.

"I was honoured when Jon first asked me to be a guest blogger on The Vinyl District, and had planned to get to work right away, but life had other plans. The intial reason for me to write this article was the first obstacle that obstructed my path. We’re currently working on a four part illustrated novel/EP titled The Cried Wolf Book. The story revolves around a surrealist take on the adult adventures of the boy who cried wolf. Each month (beginning October 1st) we’re releasing a free downloadable song from this site.

October’s song is a cover of Robyn’s smash hit With Every Heartbeat and on November 1st will see the next part of the story unveiled with the song The Close Western (which I’ve included here for the first time).

So, two weeks ago I was madly trying to complete the second part of the story for the illustrator before the band left to do a mini tour in the UK. I fell behind quickly with flight plans and scheduling issues taking up most of my time. I then promised myself to finish the post in England. Once we arrived in England in was pretty clear I wasn’t going to have much time to be typing away at the computer as shows, BBC interviews, press, photos, videos, and sampling the amazingness that is a foreign country reigned supreme.

I spoke with Jon and promised that would complete the post before the beginning of the week, but almost the minute I touched Canadian soil a brutal, coma inducing sickness attacked my sleep-deprived body. I felt like an aging prizefighter with a sinus problem. Up and down meant nothing and could barely tell you what day it was let alone the time. However, I woke up today and the fog was lifted. Almost comparable to the day after a wicked hangover…I felt alive again!
So, enjoy the songs, and keep checking the site above for a new song and the continuation of the story!"

The Rest - With Every Heartbeat (Mp3)
The Rest - The Close Western (Mp3)