Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's a TVD Ticket/Vinyl/Meet & Greet Giveaway! | Eccentric Soul Revue, Tuesday, November 10, 9:30 Club

Man, we've got a great night of music planned for you on Tuesday, but first some background:

Motown had one, so did Stax. Three deep soul acts and one smoking hot band to back them up. The triple-header of R&B: the soul revue. Once a mainstay of theaters, gymnasiums and VFW halls everywhere, the soul revue ultimately vanished in the late seventies as recorded sound pushed live performance out of the limelight and onto car stereos and refrigerator-sized boom boxes. The performers returned to their day jobs and the world was the poorer for it.

That is, until April 4th, 2009, when the Numero Group, the world's premier reissue label, mounted the first Eccentric Soul Review, packing Chicago's Park West Theater with soul-hungry acolytes, satisfying them and then some with the real thing: a seventeen-piece band backing, The Notations, Renaldo Domino, The Final Solution, Nate Evans and Syl Johnson, putting on a show that combined seventies slick with revival meeting fervor.

It was a magical evening, as the past lived and breathed and got on down, right here in the present. Those in attendance went home that night knowing they'd seen something that just wasn't done anymore. And they went home wanting more. Well, the wait and the want is over. The Numero Group is taking this show on the road: Syl Johnson, Renaldo Domino and the Notations, backed by JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound are hitting Columbus, Washington DC, and two boroughs of New York City.

Eccentric Soul Revue hits the East Coast in November with the totally explosive Syl Johnson, the silky smooth Notations, and the man with the voice like Domino sugar, Renaldo Domino, plus special guests, a slide show, and an autograph line.

There is absolutely nothing else like The Eccentric Soul Revue. A ticket is a time machine...and we've got a pair to give away for what promises to be one special night—which ALSO includes DC’s resident funk and soul archivist and curator, DJ Nitekrawler, spinning before and after the show.

In addition, the ticket winner will be granted access to the exclusive meet and greet before things kick off AND a 7" gem from the mighty Numero Group: Renaldo Domino's "I'll Get You Back" b/w "2 Years, 4 Days." Some background on the 45 from Numero's site:

Renaldo Domino's "I'll Get You Back" b/w "2 Years, 4 Days"
"Renaldo is one of our favorite artists and a great friend and it always brings us pleasure to release his music. Taken from an acetate turned up by Jamie Hodge years back, "I'll Get You Back" was a recording Renaldo thought was long lost. Produced by William Sandy Johnson and Nate Taylor, this was intended for release on Johnson's Sincere label, alongside LaShawn Collins and Wendy Woods. On the reverse is "Two Years, Four Days" which eluded release until last year's Eccentric Soul: Twinight's Lunar Rotation. This is the tune's historic first appearance in vinyl form."

To check out the Eccentric Soul Review on us, the rest is up to you! State your case as to why YOU should be picked to attend Tuesday's show, the meet and greet, AND to take home the 45 in the comments to this post (with contact info — important!) and we'll choose the smoothest voice on Monday (11/10) by noon. Step to it!