Wednesday, February 4, 2009

TVD Remembers | Lux Interior

NME has news.

The Cramps - New Kind of Kick [Live] (Mp3)
The Cramps - Daisys Up Your Butterfly (Mp3)
The Cramps - Goo Goo Muck (Mp3)
The Cramps - Mystery Plane (Mp3)
The Cramps - Human Fly (Mp3)

Record Store Day 2009 Newswire: Matador Records Exclusive Releases: Sonic Youth, Jay Reatard, Pavement & Beck

In honor the 2nd annual Record Store Day, Matador Records will be releasing the following limited edition vinyl titles, only available at independent retailers taking part in RSD2009:

OLE-864-7 - Jay Reatard “Hang Them All” 7″ b/w Sonic Youth - “No Garage”
OLE-865-7 - Sonic Youth - “Pay No Mind” (Beck cover) b/w Beck - “Green Light” (Sonic Youth cover) 7″
OLE-855-1 - Pavement Live In Germany LP

Matador's making 2,500 each of the above. After they’re gone, to quote the Matador Matablog, "...tough fuckin’ shit."

TVD Laugh Tracks | Richard Pryor

Why does this crack me up?

"Despite a reputation for profanity, Pryor briefly hosted a children's show on CBS in 1984 called Pryor's Place. Like Sesame Street, Pryor's Place featured a cast of puppets, hanging out and having fun in a surprisingly friendly inner-city environment along with several children and characters portrayed by Pryor himself. However, Pryor's Place frequently dealt with more sobering issues than Sesame Street. It was cancelled shortly after its debut, despite the efforts of famed puppeteers Sid and Marty Krofft and a theme song by Ray Parker Jr. of Ghostbusters fame to ensure its success."

Richard Pryor - Black & White Life Styles (Mp3)
Richard Pryor - Wino & Junkie (Mp3)
Richard Pryor - When Your Woman Leaves You (Mp3)
Richard Pryor - Cocaine (Mp3)
Richard Pryor - Acid (Mp3)