Thursday, November 19, 2009

TVD's 401K

I receive links to articles of this type almost daily, but it’s important to reiterate some facts when considering just what star to hitch your retirement wagon onto.

From an ABC News article from this past April, “Though vinyl sales account for less than 1 percent of sales, reports that the number of records sold last year jumped to 1.88 million from 988,000 in 2007.

The Recording Industry Association of America officially acknowledged a resurgence of vinyl records when statistics proved it in 2007. That year, the American music industry saw a 46.2 percent revenue increase for vinyl sales. By comparison, CD revenue sales dropped 20.5 percent in the same period.”

Savvy investors, take note.

The Cars - Moving In Stereo (Mp3)
The Plimsouls - I'll Get Lucky (Mp3)
A Certain Ratio - Life's A Scream (Mp3)
I Am Vexed - Be Wise (Mp3)
Martial Arts - Finale (Mp3)