Tuesday, January 5, 2010

TVD | We Could Be Heroes

A few weeks back we posted the trailer for the new Runaways movie which had me thinking about Joan Jett ultimately. Odd that she's become a hero of sorts - although she's eminently worthy. She just seems to be a bit of a contemporary in a sense which took me back for a sec.

I started to extrapolate a bit. Why, if this was the case...who would my musical 'heroes' be? Although I'm not prone to hero worship...the mental trail I went down was a bit enlightening and dispiriting all at once. They were all dead.

Lennon, Marley, Bolan, Lynott, Nilsson, Hendrix, Bonham, Moon, Borland, Mercury... "All dead/all dead..."


So, I thought this week to kick off the new year and the new decade, we'd begin with a reminder that there are more than a few hero-worthy types out there one could grab a beer with. If you could get so lucky.


Right - he was a Beatle so he's garnered a bust in the Hall of All Time Greats. But hell, we'd have so much to talk about (Or, I would...) and not just the obvious stuff either.

The sessions beyond the Beatles he played on. LA in the 70's with the aforementioned Lennon, Nilsson, Alice Cooper, Mickey Dolenz. Hanging with Bolan. His 70's singles which I think were damn great with great acknowledgement of George's contributions.

He was just there, man. Through it all.

So Ringo - get in touch please? I'm buying. Ok, thanks.

The Beatles - I Wanna Be Your Man ['Live at the BBC' Version] (Mp3)
The Beatles - Boys ['Anthology One' Version] (Mp3)
Ringo Starr - It Don't Come Easy (Mp3)
Ringo Starr - Back Off Boogaloo (Mp3)
Ringo Starr - You're Sixteen (Mp3)

TVD's Sunday Hangover | Flaming Lips Meet Pink Floyd

Holy cow! It’s a whole new DECADE! 2010… where the hell is my transporter? Shouldn’t we be vacationing on the moon by now?!

Anyways, although I haven’t gone to any shows recently (sad face..), I did recently snatch this FLAMING LIPS cover of Pink Floyd’s DARK SIDE OF THE MOON that I highly recommend you check out. Yes, Wayne Coyne and all his eccentricity have teamed up with Henry Rollins of BLACK FLAG and PEACHES (weird combo, eh?) to cover the entire, mind-blowing album that is Dark Side.

Although the original is epic, I think Wayne does an excellent job reintroducing this album with his distinct, quivering voice and obscure yet minimalist instrumentation. Whether or not you’re a huge Dark Side fan or not, this album will either a) remind you of the albums existentialistic greatness and have you pulling out your old 12” (I’m talking vinyl here, get your mind outta the gutter…) or b) make you wonder why you never actually fell in love with this album in the first place.

The Dark Side album is truly mind-blowing and if you pay attention the lyrics will have you staring at the ceiling, pondering life’s big questions (sparkin the old pipe may not hurt either). Get it on iTunes! I’ve dropped a few tracks for you to download (Speak to Me/Breathe and Great Gig in the Sky), let me know what you think!!

“Long you’ll live and high you’ll fly but only if you ride the tide”

Keep these lyrics handy and if you like what you hear check out the Lips’ most recent album, Embyonic for a healthy dose of obscurity.

On another note… What shows is everyone hyped to see in 2010?? Hot Chip, the XX, Miike Snow, Yeasayer, Air, St Vincent, AL GREEN?!??

Flaming Lips - Speak to Me/Breathe [feat. Henry Rollins & Peaches] (Mp3)
Flaming Lips - The Great Gig In the Sky [feat. Peaches & Henry Rollins] (Mp3)